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Guarantees and standby letters of credit

Protection against risks of non-compliance in international operations

The guarantee constitutes a bank commitment to a third party, on the client’s behalf, to ensure compliance with a contractual obligation. The assured obligation may be a payment, a delivery of goods or the rendering of a service, the execution of a work, the refund of an advance payment, a debt with customs or any other obligation derived from a contract.

“Standby letter of credit” is the name given in the USA to the independent guarantee. Its characteristics, uses and contents are essentially the same under both denominations.

  • Solutions
    What are your needs?
    • Ensure compliance with contractual obligations before a third party or of a third party with your company. These are usually:
      • In the buyer’s favour, guaranteeing a payment obligation
      • In the seller’s favour, guaranteeing the refund of an advance payment, the delivery of goods or the rendering of a service, the execution of a work or the providing of maintenance during the guarantee period
    • Have access to an alternative to the cash deposit
    How can we help you?
    • With a swift and professional service and with the greatest experience in the issuing and monitoring of international guarantees
    • Immediate notification and guidance regarding guarantees received in your favour
    • Issuing of both instruments with adhesion to the international standards of the International Chamber of Commerce, which are universally accepted and provide a stable reference framework:
      • “Uniform Rules for Demand Guarantees (URDG758)”, for first-demand guarantees
      • “International Standby Practice”, for standby letters of credit, although these may also be issued subject to the “Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP600)”
    The first-demand guarantee is independent of the principal underlying obligation.
    The main types of guarantee in the international sphere are:
    Tender guarantee
    Good compliance or execution guarantee
    Payment guarantee
    Advanced payment guarantee
    Maintenance guarantee
    Credit facilities guarantee
    Guarantee on bills of exchange and/or promissory notes

    Why with   Banco Sabadell   ?
    Personalised advice at the time of issuing or receipt
    Issuing of the guarantee without delays
    Immediate notification of guarantees received in your favour
    You will have maximum legal security

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  • Documents and utilities

    Guarantee and letter of credit– A multimedia guide for companies that want to make their business more secure. 

    Information on Guarantees:
    Guide to “ Guarantees ” (Only Spanish)

    Why is it a good idea to subject guarantees to URDG758?
    In Spanish …
    In English …

    Information on the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce which regulate first-demand guarantees and standby letters of credit:
     URDG758 Rules for guarantees (Only Spanish)
     ISP98 Rules for standby letters of credit (Only Spanish)
     UCP600 Rules relating to documentary credits  (Only Spanish)

    Models of Guarantee according to URDG758
    In  English …
    In  Spanish …
     Universal Standby model
     Universal Standby model (Spanish version)

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