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  • Compare the funds offer in the market to the ones we offer in Banc Sabadell. 

Funds available

Investing in one financial product or another depends on many factors. For example, the expectations of profitability, the need for availability of the investment, the level of risk that one is willing to assume, the investment term or the tax system.

Advantages of investment funds

  • Profitability. Get more out of your money, further contributions can increase the chances of profitability. If the performance of the markets in which the fund invests is not as expected, the fund may experience losses. For this reason, you must analyse the risk of each fund very carefully and decide to what extent you accept that the investment may be worth less at the time of redemption than when you first invested.

  • Liquidity. The vast majority of the Funds have full and immediate liquidity without penalty. Each fund has a recommended minimum time horizon. Withdrawing money before the recommended time horizon may increase the risk of capital loss. You can consult the time horizon of all our funds in the key investor information document (KIID), available at sabadellassetmanagement.com.

  • Diversification. The wide variety of funds enables you to choose the best option according to risk and investment time.

  • Transparency. The investor has at his disposal a wide variety of public reports to follow his funds’ evolution: prospectus, annual, semi-annual, quarterly reports, among others.

  • Peace of mind. Investment funds are subject to a specific regulatory framework, which provides transparency to the investor.

  • Taxation. Funds are only taxed when you redeem the investment.

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Advantages of investment funds

Other fund offering

The Investment funds are registered with the CNMV. See the prospectus. The prospectus, the key investor information document (KIID) and the periodic reports are available to the public at the branches, on sabadellassetmanagement.com. and at the CNMV Registry. Management company: Sabadell Asset Management, S.A., S.G.I.I.C., Sociedad Unipersonal. CNMV Registration Number 58. Depositary entity: Banco de Sabadell, SA CNMV Registration Number 32.
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