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Electronic invoicing

Efficiency for your company

Facturación electrónica

Our eBilling solution, BS Factura, a pioneer in the financial sector, enhances the internal processes of your company and the relation with your clients and suppliers, enabling issuers and receivers to gain permanent access to the electronic bills.

It offers a standard, high added value solution which includes:

  • The current legality of the electronic bill
  • A proven system to ensure proper operation
  • The necessary technology to avoid heavy investments by companies

If you do not yet have this service, subscribe now via BS Online or call +34 935 202 910 .

  • Characteristics

    BS Factura simplifies and cuts the cost of the usual billing processes between companies, offering flexibility and transparency for administrative relations by ensuring instant delivery to the addressee and subsequent custody of the documents.
    It offers:

    Electronic sending/reception of bills via:

    • Email
    • Paper bills
    • Certified Digitalization
    • Access viaBS Online
    • Telephone service during working hours
    • Service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year



            Website: portal BSFactura.com
            Direct connection with BS Factura
            Paper: Certified digitalization of bills


            Website: portal BSFactura.com
            Direct connection with BS Factura
            e-mail: Emailing of bills
            Paper: Printout and distribution of bills via conventional mail

      • Loading of bills:

    Assisted or unassisted mass bill loading service (uploading of files or BSFConnector) and swift availability to clients.

      • Queries and downloading of bills:

    It is possible to search using different criteria, display and print out bills and, if the client wishes, download them in different file formats for subsequent processing by their systems.

      • Signing and verification of bills:

    It enables you to electronically sign the bills using a recognised digital signature and offers a tool for verifying the signature on bills and its integrity.


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  • Advantages

    Using BS Factura contributes to enhancing efficiency and cost reduction in the process of generating, sending, receiving, checking and collecting/paying bills thanks to the lower administrative workload and increased speed of bill circulation. And all this with the latest guarantees as regards security, integrity and confidentiality of all your documents. Plus:

    • Lower issuance, distribution and storage costs
    • Easy interrelation with financing circuits
    • Swift availability of bills which reduces collection times
    • Improved efficiency of billing-related processes
    • Use of a secure, economic custody system
    • It helps to improve business relations with your clients and suppliers
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is an electronic bill?

    An electronic bill is an electronic file containing the same data as a traditional bill and which is fully valid fiscally and legally.

    2. eBilling is just starting. Wouldn’t it be better to wait and see how it evolves?

    The Administration is fostering the electronic bill as an efficient way of reducing costs and wants to ensure that in a few years most paper bills will disappear. There is no reason to wait: the sooner you start the sooner you enjoy the benefits.

     3. And if my clients do not wish to receive an electronic bill?

    They can join gradually and during the transition we will help you. With BS Factura Impresión, we print out the bills and send them to the client by email or traditional mail and help them to use BS Factura.

    4. What is an electronic signature?

    An electronic signature is the system via which you can ensure a document has not been modified by anyone and has been generated by the person who signed it.

    5. Is an electronic, digital or telematic bill the same thing?

    It is basically the same, as the current legislation defines eBilling as that which is issued via telematic and/or IT means.

    6. What legal value does an electronic signature have?

    An advanced electronic signature with regard to an electronic bill has the same legal value as a handwritten signature on paper bills.

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