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BS Online Companies

Carry out transactions with total security and confidence.

BS Company Online is the electronic banking product that Banco Sabadell places at the disposal of its customers, allowing them to carry out a wide range of banking transactions via the Internet and facilitating the management of files with the new tool available online.

We highlight below the two tools offered by this service:

BS Online Companies

Through the BS Company Online service, you will have a permanent connection with the bank, from any computer and without any need to travel. Thanks to this service, and in the most comfortable and secure way, you will be able to carry out a large range of financial transactions in real time (consulting the balance and movements of your company account, national and international payments via cheque or transfer, advance payment of invoices using our Reverse Factoring service, etc.). Access   BS Company Online now and if you do not have access to this service, request it here.

BS Online Companies - File processing

BS Online Companies – File processing offers the broadest operating functions for national and international standard payment and collection files, allowing the generation and sending of files to conduct transactions as well as the receipt of files, in a simple and convenient way.

Download BS Online - Files Management

We also provide you with a manual to ensure successful downloading and . Access to the download manual .

Only for customers of BS Confirming - Download applications at BS Online

Options for working with files

There are 3 options available for operating using files..

1.- BS Online Files Management

“BS Online Files Management” programme for installation in your PC, allowing you to generate and send remittance files and also to receive files.

For depositing cheques and promissory notes need to download another program. Deposit by code reader

To send files with any of the following Banco Sabadell formats (Confirming - Global CIP format, International Transfers - LTIN format, Checks - BS proprietary format, LCR and RIBA) should use this program.

2.- Online generation

Online generation via BS Company Online. From here, without the need to install any programmes, you can also generate and send remittance files and furthermore, receive information files.
Access BS Company Online now.
3.- Send your files by BS Company Online

Should your management programmes have the capacity to generate files in accordance with the established standards, the most convenient and practical solution for you will be via . BS Company Online. The files must be adapted to the technical standards described in the AEB (previously CSB) “Standards”. For your information you may access the technical specifications of the different standards at AEB Standard

AEB Standards and BancoSabadell’s own standards

BS Company Online allows you to work with a set of standardised files that you can generate easily using our application, or if you prefer, using your own programmes.

We place at your disposal the specifications of the file formats accepted by Banco Sabadell. The standards identified via numerical codes are the standards defined by the A.E.B. (Spanish Banking Association), while the remainder of files correspond to Banco Sabadell’s own standards.

Online generation of files (from BS Company Online)

The online file generation operation is also integrated into BS Company Online and allows the generation and sending of files in order to carry out transactions, as well as the receipt of information files, in a simple and convenient way.


No installation needed.
Since this is a web-based application, no programme needs to be installed. The data that you record will be saved on the Banco Sabadell servers with total security, since only you will have access to them, and furthermore, they will always be prepared for you to use them when and as often as necessary.

Ease of access and use.
This is an Internet environment that does not need any technical knowledge, it is intuitive and simple. It saves time and travel. It can also be used from any computer with an Internet connection.

Total availability.
Service available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, without dependence on any specific equipment

Useful operation