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ATM banking

At Banco Sabadell we believe your bank should always be close by. That's why it has over 3,200 own ATMS and 14,500 belonging to other banks we have agreements with for you to enjoy the best conditions so that whenever you need one, there's one close by*.

What can I do from an ATM?   Operar en Banc Sabadell en cajeroATM   Operar desde ordenador en Banc SabadellComputer   Operar desde móvil en Banc SabadellMobile / Tablet   Operar en Banc Sabadell por teléfonoTelephone
Cash management                
Overall view of accounts   si   si   si   si
Balance and movements in accounts   si   si   si  
Consulting unpaid bills       si       si
Consulting financing products       si       si
Transfers and inter-bank transfers   si   si   si   si
Cancellation of transfers       si   si   si
Tax payment AEAT       si       si
Payment of municipal taxes   si   si   si   si
Payment of non-direct-debited bills   si   si   si   si
Depositing of cheques and promissory notes       si   si    
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Consulting commercial discount       si       si
Consulting guarantees       si       si
Consulting loans and credits                
Applying for financing products       si       si
Consulting Confirmiline Issuers       si       si
Registration in Confirmiline Providers       si        
Consulting invoices of Confirmiline Providers       si       si
Advances of Confirmiline Providers       si       si
Modifying data for Confirmiline Providers       si       si
Factoring       si       si
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Documentary credits       si       si
Import remittances (authorisation for payment and applications for financing)       si       si
Export remittances (application for discount)       si       si
Contracting exchange insurance       si       si
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Shops and POS terminals                
Consulting shop operations       si       si
Kelvin Retail       si   si   si
Sending SEPA files and own formats:                
SEPA Direct debits       si        
BS Management national non-direct-debited debits       si        
SEPA Cheques       si        
Issue of cheques and promissory notes       si        
Standard 68 files       si        
Factoring formats       si        
Specific confirming formats       si        
AEAT taxes - Files       si        
Murcia taxes - P.A.C.O. files       si        
Depositing Cheques and promissory notes       si        
LCR remittances (France)       si        
RIBA       si        
SEPA transfers and payrolls       si        
Transfers in currency, format ISO 20022       si        
International transfers in currency       si        
Standard 32 files       si        
Standard 58 files       si        
Sight bills (direct-debited)       si        
Transfers and payrolls       si        
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Downloading Standard 43 files and unpaid bills:                
Standard 43 movements       si        
Returns and rejections SEPA direct debits       si        
Bank cheques issued       si        
Promissory notes issued       si        
Current account cheques issued       si        
Direct debited payments       si        
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Card movements   si   si   si  
Extend card limit       si      
Modification of conditions for card payment       si   si  

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*Banco Sabadell, has signed a cooperation agreement under preferential conditions for cash withdrawals with Bankia and several banks in the EURO 6000 network: Abanca, BMN, Ibercaja, Kutxabank, Unicaja, Liberbank, EspañaDuero, Cajasur, Caixa Ontinyent and Colonya Caixa Pollença.