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More Products

More products

Depositos a Plazo

To complete your investments with other products, we highlight:

  • Fixed Income
  • Equities
  • Pension Plans
  • Alternative Investments

  • Fixed Income
    More and more, investing in Fixed Income requires greater knowledge of the issuer's solvency and of the issue's risk. For this reason, we at Private Banking are continuously selecting bonds with better profit-risk ratios so that you can invest in these types of assets with the utmost security and peace of mind.
  • Fixed Income

    Through the BS Ibersecurities account, we offer our customers an excellent securities service with excellent conditions and a set of high-value services:

    • Very low purchase-sale fees
    • Credit of up to 30,000 € for purchasing securities, under very interesting conditions
    • Credit to the market (securities loan)
    • Contracting of Derivatives in organised markets
    • Access to experts at the contract table of Ibersecurities who provide you with their recommendations regarding equity securities.
    • Access to the Ibersecurities' analysis website, where one can access all the reports created for Ibersecurities: macroeconomic reports, sector reports, company reports, purchase recommendations, etc.
    • Asset Report with the positions contracted in the current and Ibersecurities' securities account, as well as their profitability evolution.