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Accounts in London

Accounts in London

Multi-currency account in the offices of Banco Sabadell in London for the collection of exports to the British market. Since it is a multi-currency account, balances can be held not only in Sterling pounds (GBP), but also in any other officially quoted currencies.

The account can be also used for both domestic and international payments.

The accountholder is the Spanish company, a client of Banco Sabadell (Spain) and, therefore, interest earned is not subject to tax withholding at source.

  • Operation

    Opening the account

    • Documents required: Articles of Association.
    • Abstract from the Commercial Registry which includes information on the registration and, in particular, the business address.
    • Original copy of the company's governing body agreement (PDF, 2 pages, 60 KB), which reflects the decision to open an account with Banco Sabadell (London), appoints the legal representatives for the account and states their powers.
    • Declaration of Non-Residence (PDF, 1 page, 25 KB)
    • Banking references document issued by the  Banco Sabadell   (Spain) branch where the company has an account.
    • Original copy of two identification documents (with a photograph of each of the individuals authorised to operate the account (national ID card, passport, driving licence, etc.)
    • Proof of residence from each of the signatories (electricity bill, telephone bill, etc.)
    • Authorisation to handle orders (PDF, 2 pages, 98 KB) received by remote transmission

    All documents must be presented in original to your Banco Herrero branch in Spain.

    Collection of transfers

    You should notify your client in the United Kingdom that the payment is to be made to your account in Banco Sabadell (London), indicating:

    • the account number
    • the Sort Code (or Banco Sabadell, London ID number)

    The Sort Code is a six-figure code which is absolutely necessary for carrying out transfers within or to the United Kingdom.

    To facilitate communication and prevent possible mistakes, you will receive labels with the Sort Code and your account number. You will be able to attach these to a pro-forma invoice or any other business document.

    Depositing cheques


    • The stamped addressed envelope should be attached to the invoice sent to the client.
    • Once Banco Sabadell (London) receives the cheque (on the day after it is sent in the provided envelope), it will be deposited into your account. You will be able to view this amount immediately via Internet. On your account statement, the item "Post" will appear , together with the information indicated on the back of the cheque.
    • When there is an unpaid amount, you will be notified within the three days necessary to collect.


    Declaration obligations

    Spain residents who have accounts abroad must notify the Bank of Spain of:

    • The opening or cancellation of the account by means of Form DD1.
    • Account activity by means of Form DD2:
      • Monthly, when the sum of payments and debits equals or exceeds 3 million euros
      • Annually, when that figure is not exceeded
      • Upon express request by the Bank of Spain, when the sum of payments and debits does not reach 600,000 euros

    For the detailed characteristics and complete conditions of these statements, please contact  BS Online Companies  Banco Sabadell , where you may also request the above-mentioned forms.

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  • Guides and forms
    • Centralised Exporting Account (PDF, 2 pages, [peso] MB)
    • C1 Company Mandate (PDF, 2 pages, 60 KB)
    • C3 Corporate Tax Declaration Form (PDF, 1 page, 25 KB)
    • C5 Corporate Tel-Fax Mandate With Test Key (PDF, 2 pages, 98 KB)
    • C8 Closure Corporate Account (PDF, 1 page, 44 KB)
    • CP1 Third Party Information Authorisation (PDF, 1 page, 68 KB)
    • CP2 InfoBanc Third Party Information Authorisation (PDF, 1 page, 45 KB)

    These documents are in PDF format. To view them, you will need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this programme installed, you can download it free of charge.

  • Batch Payment

    Placing your transfers inthe United Kingdom  is now easier. Dowload Batch Payment and take a look.

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