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No fees*
or conditions and
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The online bank account without fees*

or conditions or commitment and an account manager to help you when you need one. The best of a digital account with the best of an expert bank. Sign up 100% securely from your mobile phone.
No fees*
or conditions
and no commitment
Account with
Your free card
Your free card
  • 0 administration or maintenance fees. 0% APR. 0% NIR*.
  • 0 conditions: we don't ask you for anything, no salary payments, no bills and no commitment.
  • Free debit card with no issuance or maintenance fees.
  • Free debit cash withdrawals from an extensive network of ATMs**.
  • Free online transfers within the EU, except for immediate transfers.
  • More than 1,000 branches and a manager when you need one.
See information document on fees
Your free card
Your free card
A 100% online account, all from your mobile

Do all your operations and transactions from the app: transfers, Bizum, view your balance and movements, pay bills by direct debit, manage your cards and much more.

Forget about going
to the branch
Forget about going
to the branch
Open the Sabadell Online Account with one or two account holders

Open the account from your mobile phone for yourself or for two account holders if you prefer to share it with another person.

If you take your phone, you take your bank
Personalise your experience

Set it up as you like: set up your cards and activate the notifications you want to keep on top of all your account activity.

Pay with your mobile

And forget about your card. You can even withdraw money without it using the app.

You choose
how you pay
You choose
how you pay
Apple Pay Samsung Pay Google Pay Bizum
Bank securely

Send and receive money, make your transactions and purchases ... all in total security.

Save without noticing

Set up your savings routines with the free Savings Account*** .

The best of an online account with the best of an expert bank

When you need it, you can count on the help of a manager in any of our more than 1,000 branches.

Expert managers
Expert managers
Making an appointment whit your account manager is as easy as one click

Open the Sabadell Online Account in 10 minutes with your mobile

1. Select one or two account holders

Choose whether you want to open the account for yourself or share it with another account holder.

1. Fill in your details

Create your user to open your account and make all your transactions securely.

2. Identify yourself

We will ask you to take a photo and record a short video from your mobile phone.

3. Online signature

Check the final details and sign your digital contract. You are now a customer!

Sign up from your mobile phone using one of the following options:

1. QR Code

Scan the QR code with your mobile camera and you will automatically open the 100% digital registration process.

Choose the
easiest way
2. Copy link

Copy the link and send it to your mobile phone in a way that you find easiest. When you have it, open the link in your mobile phone browser.
Resume your online registration

If you have started the registration process and have not finished, click on the button to continue the process.

Resume my online registration

If you are interested in having your salary paid directly into your Sabadell Online Account, simply give your company the IBAN number of your new account.

Own ATMs
Offices throughout Spain
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Customers use our cards
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We resolve all your doubts
How long will it take me to register as a new BS customer?

You only need a few minutes. The process is easy, secure and 100% online, which you will be able to complete in 6 simple steps: create a username, register your personal data, identify yourself by means of a video identification system, indicate your profession, confirm the card delivery address and sign the contract.

How can I open the Sabadell Online Account?

It’s very easy. All you need is your mobile phone, your currently valid National Identity Card document (DNI/TIE with photo) and a good Internet connection. Enter the browser from your mobile phone, access the Banco Sabadell website and click on the green "Become a customer" button. At this link, you can register your Sabadell Online Account completely online from your mobile phone.

What products can I open with the digital onboarding process?

In the process of setting it up, you will open the Sabadell Online Account, which includes the Sabadell Savings Account, whose purpose is savings and investment, and the Sabadell Online Securities Account.

What are the features of the Sabadell Online Account?

The Sabadell Online Account is an account with no opening or maintenance fees, 100% digital, with which you will avail of a free debit card with no issuing fee or maintenance charge and a bank transfers service in Spain and the EEA in euros through self-service, as well as access to online banking services.

Who can open a Sabadell Online Account?

The Sabadell Online Account is for personal use, and new Banco Sabadell customers open it online. They must be of legal age, reside and pay taxes in Spain, not hold US nationality and not have held a public office for the last 2 years.

It is important to remember that if the address for tax purposes that appears on your National Identity Card or TIE for foreign residents, does not match the one that you enter during the process of setting up the Sabadell Online account, there are cases in which it will not be possible to complete the registration process due to legal or fiscal prevention criteria.

Where can I register from?

Through your mobile phone, using the browser, by accessing the URL

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