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BS Online Companies

BS Online Companies

BS Online

Through the BS Online Companies, Banco Sabadell  makes the bank available to you anytime, anywhere.


  • Advantages
    • Access from any computer connected to the Internet, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Availability of the necessary tools to generates the files with your payment or collection orders.
    •  Easy access to operations in real time.
    • Fully secure transactions without having to visit your branch.

    Save by operating with BS Online.

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  • Available operations

    The cost of the service BS Móvil is:

    • Biannual instalment: FREE
    • Email alerts: FREE

    The cost for receiving security alerts is the following:

    • Transfers carried out by BS Online (from 6,000€): FREE
    • Blocking the home banking contract: FREE
    • Erroneous double entry of the 2nd code and blocking 2nd code: FREE
    • Home banking PIN change: FREE

    For all other alerts.

    • The first 20 SMS during the six-month period: FREE
    • Additional SMS: 0.15 Euros 1 per SMS

    1 Foreign mobiles 0.20 Euros / SMS. VAT not included

  • Requirements
    • Have contracted the service BS Online Companies 1
    • Computer the operating system of which is compatible with the browsers Internet Explorer and Netscape and has an encryption capacity of 128 bits.
    • Internet connection (broadband connection is recommended).
    • Web browser with an encryption capacity of 128 bits. This will secure the operations' confidentiality. We recommend Internet Explorer version 6.0 or higher and a screen resolution of 1,024x768.
    • ID passwords that will be supplied to you by  ActivoBank   when the contacted is opened. To be able to order acount movements, you will be given a coordinate card.

    1 To use BS Online Companies, it is necessary to first enter into a framework contract for the company or group of companies and an individual contract for each authorized person in these companies.

    The BS Online Companies service allows you to consult and operate your accounts in accordance with the conditions described in the corresponding contract.

    It is also necessary to formalize the corresponding contract to be able to use your accounts in the offices of Miami, Paris or London, through BS Online Companies.