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Financial products

Financial products


At Private Banking, we offer you a variety of financing solutions adapted to your specific needs, which enable you to conveniently obtain what you want, without having to divest or dispose of your investments.


  • Premium Mortgage
    Our customers can make their real estate investments under excellent conditions, with a mortgage created specifically for financing premium residential properties. This mortgage also offers a specially-designed high interest-bearing account.


  • Equity Credit
    With financial leverage, returns (as well as losses) are obtained which are higher than through the direct investment of one's own capital.

    To take full advantage of good investment opportunities, we offer Equity Credit, a product that combines the granting of credit under excellent conditions, with an equity investment through the Ibersecurities Portfolios Private Multiportfolio UL, which is a Unit Linked savings-investment insurance.

  • Credit cards
    We believe our best customers should have the best and most widely-recognised cards on the market, the Platinum Visa Card and the Black MasterCard, which are personal status symbols and reflect your professional success, in addition to offering you access to financing for your acquisitions.

  • Exclusive financing
    At Private Banking, we have designed financing options tailored to your preferences, interests, hobbies and needs, such as Nautical Leasing, luxury car rental, etc.

  • BS MOREaccount offers you the following advantages:

    BS Card (debit) Free every year (first holder)
    Visa Classic (credit) Free every year (first holder)
    Visa Shopping Free every year (first holder)
    SOLRED Free every year (first holder) and 2% discount on fuel at Repsol, CAMPSA and Petronor service stations

    Other services
    Other services
    Statement administration fees 0 €
    Cash withdrawals at Servired network cash machines 12 free cash withdrawals quarterly (not accumulable)
    Domestic transfers and transfers to EU countries (up to 50,000 €, subject to regulation 2560/2001)1 Free
    Deposit of cheques from other banks Free
    Direct debiting of bills Free processing

    Auto Protection Permanent additional bonus on standard fee (maximum bonus of 65%)
    Multi-risk Home 2 20% discount for the first year
    Life (BS LifeCare) 2 10% discount for the first year + 10% permanent discount on Family insurance
    Accidents 2 Free up to 6,000 € plus 10% discount for upgrading to higher amounts

    Find out what discounts you can get on non-financial services with MOREaccount.

    1 This fee refund only corresponds to transactions done with BS MasterCard and BS Maestro cards, and does not include credit card transactions.

    2 Additional conditions when salary paid directly into account.