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Credit policies

Immediate liquidity in your regular account

Pólizas de Crédito

Credit policies allow immediate financing to be obtained in order to meet treasury needs derived from the activity of your business, covering the gap between collections and payments.



With the following advantages:

  • Interest payment only for the amount drawn
  • Directly in your standard account, without having to open accounts specifically for financing
  • Enquiry of the balance used via internet on BS Online

Internet queries and operations

From BS Online Companies, on the general menu option All options > Financing > Loans and credits, there is information on the operations and queries that can be made:

General information on the loan contract, initial amount, amount pending, size of repayments, interest rate, maturity, etc.
Consult payments on the demand account related to the loan.
Apply to totally or partially pay back the loan, reducing the size of the loan repayments or the maturity.

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