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BS Covering

Cover and finance


BS Covering is a product offering the benefits of credit insurance and factoring, as it guarantees collection of your sales and offers you the possibility of financing them.

  • Advantages
    • 90% cover, one of the highest in the market. 


    • Insolvency risk cover of your national sales and exports.


    • Possibility of including financed sales in the same contract.


    • Improvement of balance ratios: allows the discounting of client balances as a result of assigning the credit to the factor.


    • Swift collection: you collect directly from your clients without the intervention of intermediaries which delay the receipt of the funds.


    • Swift debtor classification: there is a total of 45 million companies classified in over 160 countries making it possible to respond the same day to 70% of the requests and open your business to new countries swiftly and securely.

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