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Group Life Protection

Group Life Protection

Group Life Protection especially focuses on companies, generally small and medium companies that want to cover the risk of death and absolute permanent disability of their workers, resolving the obligation acquired through group agreement or voluntary company improvement.

The contract implements commitments for pensions, assumed by the policyholder with their staff.



  • Total flexibility for the company both in the possibilities of cover and in the insured group
  • Cheaper premiums than in an individual insurance by taking out a group insurance
  • It can include a share in the profits that will be implemented by means of a readjustment of premiums according to the claims of the group



The basic and main guarantee is that of death.

The insurance can be complemented with optional guarantees such as:

  • Absolute permanent disability
  • Total permanent disability
  • Accidental death
  • Absolute permanent disability due to accident
  • Death due to traffic accident
  • Absolute permanent disability due to traffic accident

    To be a group insurance it must include a minimum of two people, who have the status of insured persons.

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