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Editran and XRT

Editran and XRT

1. Editran

Editran is an automated communication channel broadly utilized in our country to transmit files and send and receive orders, using standard formats .

This service can be especially useful for companies managing significant data volumes, or that wish to optimize their management systems. Logically, to be able to establish communication with the bank by means of this link, the company should have access to an Editran platform.

The link provides an excellent information exchange speed and the possibility of easy integration with your company's computer systems, facilitating the creation and automatic issuing of orders, as well as the subsequent reconciliation of movements.

All transmissions are verified , and every application issued by the company is replied to with a confirmation of receipt or with the explanained reason for rejection.


2. XRT Business Exchange

The XRT Business Exchange communications platform incorporates an IPC system aimed at sending and receiving in standard formats .

Companies that have contracted this system, or a compatible system, with their respective suppliers can choose this channel to communicate their standard operations with Banco Sabadell .

In addition to the advantages relating to quality of information transmission and management control, other benefits result from the maximum centralisation of communications by the company.

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