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Health Protection insurance

Because we don't just take care of your financial well being. We also take care of your health and that of your family and our Health Protection Insurance Policy was established to meet that commitment. To do so, we have partnered with Sanitas, one of the leading medical service companies for over 60 years.

Discover unbeatable coverage

No waiting, primary medicine and specialties included, surgical operations, international second medical opinion... and much more.

Unique home services

Such as the pharmacy delivering medicines to your home, and physiotherapy and emergency care in your own home.

And a fully made-to-measure policy

Choose between the with or without co-payment schemes, or receive an 80% refund for any consultation not included in the medical list of your policy with an annual limit of €200,000.


All with the convenience of carrying your insurance policy in your pocket with the My Sanitas app:

appointment requests, medical tests, results, and even your insurance card are just a click away. As easy as that.


Health Insurance Medical Directory

Go to the search engine and view the medical centres, dentists, emergency services, and doctors and the places where you can have your diagnostic tests prescribed.

Especially designed for foreign customers

  • €200,000 reimbursement scheme: 80% refund with an annual limit of €200,000 per insured person, to be able to access any centre or specialist, even if not on the Sanitas medical staff.

  • Repatriation supplement in the event of death: In the event of death, the policy covers the policyholders' return to their country of origin.

  • Health protection will allow you to accredit health coverage for any temporary non-profit making residence formalities.
If you are looking to go one step further, Health Protection is ready to go with you.
Because you can sign up for any additional coverage you need:

Dental Health: The perfect complement if you are looking to include dental services such as orthodontics, surgery and preventative treatment in your policy.
Sabadel BluaU: Add video-consultations for all specialities to your insurance, home blood tests and reimbursement of pharmaceutical costs.
University Clinic of Navarra (CUN): Extends the medical staff by adding the two prestigious hospitals of the University Clinic of Navarra.
Coverage in the US: Adds health care coverage to an associated network of US medical centres.