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Depósito Plus

Because there is strength in numbers

Depósito Plazo Fijo

indicador de riesgo

If you are unsure whether to opt for saving or investing, Depósito Plus is perfect for you. Why?

Because it is a one-year deposit fund with which you can choose a selected investment fund

Porque el depósito cuenta con una rentabilidad de un 0,25% TAE1 (0,25% TIN)

And because it allows you to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all the capital invested in the deposit account will be recovered after 12 months2

1Return 0,25% APR, 0.25% NIR for an amount of €10,000 for 12 months with settlement of interest on maturity if the requirements are met (in this example €25 of gross interest is gained). On maturity, if the requirements have not been met, the deposit will be settled at 0% APR (0% NIR).

This return corresponds to the deposit only. The return of the fund will depend on the fluctuation of the markets. The payment of this interest rate will be made as long as at the maturity of the deposit you maintain the balance initially contributed in the chosen investment fund. Otherwise, or if you decide to cancel your deposit early, the remuneration is 0% APR (0% NIR).

2Renewal: the deposit is not automatically renewable on maturity. The fund, on the other hand, has no maturity and you can choose whether to keep it or redeem it at market value, bearing in mind that withdrawing the money before the minimum recommended time frame has lapsed increases the risk of capital loss.


How does it work?

It’s very simple. All you have to do is contract your Deposit Plus fund and choose one of the selected investment funds along with it

Pay as little as 600 euros into your deposit fund, with no maximum limit

Bear in mind that the portion of the capital invested in the deposit fund must be equal to or less than 50% of the total investment


Which funds can I choose from?

Inversabadell Range

Inversabadell 25, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 3598

Inversabadell 50, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 2460

Inversabadell 70, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 2461
Sustainable Range

Sabadell Acumula Sostenible, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 5464

Sabadell Crece Sostenible, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 5465

Variable or Mixed Income

Sabadell España Dividendo, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 2572

Sabadell Europa Valor, FI
CNMV nº 3425

Themed or Solidarity Funds

Sabadell Economía Digital, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 5345

Sabadell Economía Verde, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 5424

Sabadell Inversión Ética y Solidaria, FI
Reg. CNMV nº 2871
Partial protection

Sabadell Consolida 94, FI
Reg. CNMV n.º 5530

icono info

Additional information about the funds

If the markets do not evolve as expected, the fund may suffer losses. Withdrawal of the money prior to the completion of the recommended time frame will increase the risk of loss of capital. The recommended time frame of the fund may differ from the term of the deposit. Similarly, investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to investing in securities and other financial instruments, as a result of which the acquisition prices and returns may undergo both upward and downward variations, and you may not recover the amount you initially invested.

For each of the funds managed by Sabadell Asset Management there is a document with the Key Information for the Investor (DFI in its Spanish initials), the prospectus and the periodic reports, which are available to the public at the marketing offices, at and in the CNMV registry. They are NON-COMPLEX MiFID products. The management company is Sabadell Asset Management, S.A., S.G.I.I.C., Sociedad Unipersonal, CNMV registry no. 58, and the depositing company is BNP Paribas Securities Services, Sucursal en España, CNMV registry no. 206..

You can contract the Plus Deposit fund until 31 December 2021.

A balanced decision, isn't it?
Whether you want to sign up for your Depósito Plus fund or you need advice, we are here for you.


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