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Specific products

Specific products

Depositos a Plazo

We offer you the best products tailored to your needs, including the following:

  • BS Ibersecurities Managed Account

    This account provides full, customised management of all your financial assets. It is an instrument which centralises the management of your portfolio, covering all types of investments:

    • Domestic and international shares
    • Investment funds
    • ETFs
    • Fixed income
  • Customised products

    The demand for customised products (deposits, CCVOs and structured bonds), in other words, those for which the customer decides the period, underlying asset, capital guarantee and type of structure, is growing exponentially amongst our customers. For that reason, we at Private Banking are continuously working to quickly and efficiently meet each of the demands received in order to offer you the exact product you have in mind.

  • SICAVs

    The largest assets are strongly demanding this excellent financial product, which enables them to select the risk assumed, the investment policy as well as the management strategy. Furthermore, this financial instrument has some excellent tax advantages, as it only pays taxes for obtained profits at 1% in the Corporate Income Tax.

  • More and more, investing in Fixed Income requires greater knowledge of the issuer's solvency and of the issue's risk. For this reason, we at Private Banking are continuously selecting bonds with better profit-risk ratios so that you can invest in these types of assets with the utmost security and peace of mind.