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Open Apps

Part of the BStartup Programme, Sabadell Open Apps is the collaborative innovation process by Banco Sabadell that aims to supportStartups that need a bank for them to do business, as well as to improve the bank's digital services .

Goals Who's it for? How can you take part?

Banco Sabadell aims to provide Startups,with the best possible service,attending to their partnership proposals with an approach that's adapted to their needs.

The open innovation programme, Sabadell Open Apps, also aims to speed up the pace of digital innovation in the bank by talking to and partnership entrepreneurs, especially those developing the best solutions in those areas specified as of particular interest to the bank.

The programme aims to systemise the administration process as much as possible to offer and guarantee the same opportunities for all entrepreneurs.

This programme is aimed at startups in a digital/internet environment that are already set up as firms and whose business focus is related to the areas specified and particularly to their application in the financial sector:

Payment methods and solutions that, in general, make it easier to use the digital services offered by financial institutions.
Transformation of the customer service.
Internet of things (objects related to the internet, including wearables).
Real-time business (analysis, big data, predictive systems and analytical systems within the context of using services, etc.).
Responsible and social business(digital service projects related to corporate social responsibility).
Security (biometric solutions, authentication services, etc.). 

Find out more about the programme's conditions and register

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BStartup supports entrepreneurs to ensure their project can be developed with the utmost guarantee of success:

Guidance on developing the business in its early stages .
Access to more flexible credit.
– Potential capital investment.
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