Privacy Policy

Banco Sabadell will gather information on its Users in relation to the services it offers (hereafter, “Service”) according to that established below.

What information do we need?

The Bank will basically collect and process the User ID for the Remote Banking service.

How do we use the information?

User Information

When a new account is set up on the Banco Sabadell platform, the access details will be used to identify the User, access the Service and consequently prevent any unauthorised use thereof.

We use information on Users so they can transfer the account registered with the Service to another device or use the functions that can be accessed via the same Service account from different devices. The email addresses and passwords registered by Users with the Service via different devices will also be used for identification purposes and to prevent any unauthorised use of the Service.

Information on access to Device resources or functions

Users may be asked for certain information regarding the device (operational system, series number, details of the device's hardware, etc.). This information will be used to offer Users a better service, adapting the system used by the Banco Sabadell app to the Users' needs or providing greater security and preventing any fraudulent or unauthorised use of the Service.

Moreover, additional documentation may be required, with the User's prior permission and consent, to ensure the operation and establish additional levels of anti-fraud security and protection of the User while providing the App's services and functionalities, including automated access to collect the phone number of the mobile device, the phone numbers of contacts stored in the device's address book when the User makes a money transfer through the Bizum service. Furthermore, in order to help identify unauthorised usage, we collect information related to user behaviour within the application and we collect the installed applications to check that your mobile does not contain any fraudulent applications that could put your Banco Sabadell financial products at risk.

In short, what do we use User Information for?

  • Prevent the unauthorised or fraudulent use of the Service
  • Provide the best possible Service
  • Gather statistical information on the Service
  • Carry out analyses and studies to revise and improve the Service
  • Provide the Bank with the appropriate means to resolve User queries
  • Provide Users with information on the Service, as well as offer information on our services
  • Offer Users future plans related to the Service
  • Check the identity of the User using the Service
  • Provide Users with relevant information related to the Service, and
  • Contact Users, if necessary

The above-mentioned information, except for that published by Users themselves as extra information and whose publication they allow by signing up to the app, cannot be seen in any way by other Users.

How can Users unsubscribe?

In this case, Users can contact us through the channels set up by the Bank as part of its Customer Service policy, by calling +34 935 202 910 or sending an email to the following address:

The Bank may ask Users for some information related to their profile or additional to this in order to establish and/or confirm their identity, analyse the problems notified and be able to provide a suitable response under such circumstances.

In no case will the Bank, via this means or via the Service, ask Users for data related to their cards, contracts or any type of financial relationship between the User and the Bank, except in the case of activating cards within the app itself.

How does the Service work?

To be able to offer Users the best possible service, once the relevant authorisation has been received from you, we install a native application on your mobile device (app). When the app is launched, using a technical cookie to begin the session and the aforementioned data, you are identified as a Service User and we can offer you this Service with the best possible guarantees.

Who do we share these data with?

With our Service Providers

The Bank works with trustworthy companies to offer Users some of its services and we therefore reserve the right to ask them to process the data collected on our behalf when we deem this necessary to accomplish the appropriate purpose for using the Service.

In such cases, the Bank will use the necessary procedures to set up the correct security and confidentiality measures and also an appropriate system to handle the information.

With the Banco Sabadell Group

The Bank may share personal information with companies and organisations within the Banco Sabadell Group. In this respect, and as the Banco Sabadell app is related to the contract taken out with the Bank for a debit card, credit card or another type of financial card, this will be where the User's consent will be stored to pass on information to the different companies that form part of the Banco Sabadell Group.

Will my data be passed on to anyone else?

The Bank will not provide third parties with a User's information without their consent, unless the data are being processed by an authorised person, always on behalf of and under the responsibility of Banco Sabadell, and according to current legislation.

Users' Rights

Users may, at any time, confirm or amend the personal information they have registered such as email addresses or passwords for the Service.

Users can also send the Bank a request to ask for the personal information they cannot confirm or check via the Service. The Bank will respond through its Customer Service channels provided the User's identity can be verified.

Amendments to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be regularly updated. Users should consult it frequently. If necessary, Users will be asked for their consent to any amendments made to this Privacy Policy.


For any doubts related to the Service or this Security Policy, Users should contact the Customer Service of the Banco Sabadell Group by calling +34 935 202 910 or sending an email to the following address:

User ID and Digital Signature

In order to prevent the unauthorised or fraudulent use of the Service, the app may ask for access to the User's ID details. Similarly, checks will be carried out on the identity of the terminal to ensure the integrity of the Digital Signature and Push messaging service.


The Bank will inform Users that, on multitasking devices, the Banco Sabadell app does not disconnect immediately when it is minimised. The session remains active and will disconnect automatically after 5 minutes of inactivity. For User security, we recommend the app be closed when you have completed your Bank operations using the "Exit" option on the app's sidebar menu.

GPS Location Data

Banco Sabadell will use the geolocation data provided by Users' terminals only to present the location of Banco Sabadell branches and ATMs, purchases made via Payment methods related to the Bank and other services that may be provided by Banco Sabadell in the future. Banco Sabadell will not pass on User location data to third parties.

Push Notifications

When the Banco Sabadell Push Notification Service is activated, all Notifications deemed of interest to Users will be sent via the notification service of the device's operational system. Users may consult these notifications via the message in-tray within the app and they will also appear in the news centre.

All Banco Sabadell messages using this notification system are free of charge. Users need internet access to be able to receive the messages. Users must bear this in mind if they disconnect data via roaming during visits abroad.

The Bank informs Users that, when they register the device used to sign up for the push notification service, the Bank is necessarily authorised to use this information for the authorised purposes related to use of the app.

Notifying beneficiaries of operations

The app may ask permission to consult contacts in order to provide third party notifications as part of those operations that allow beneficiaries to be notified (e.g. transfers or Instant Money).

Search for branches and ATMs

Banco Sabadell will use the geolocation data provided by the User's terminal only to present the User with the location of branches and ATMs belonging to Banco Sabadell and other banks under agreement, purchases made using Payment methods related to the Bank and other services which Banco Sabadell may provide in the future. Banco Sabadell will never pass on customers' location data to third parties.

Instant Check, receipts and documents

To be able to use the app's functions, such as Instant Check, the barcode scanner to pay bills, personalising your Profile avatar or storing receipts or movements, among other operations, the app may ask permission to access your device's camera, gallery, internal memory or SD card.