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WAP Portal

WAP Portal

Portal Wap

With BS Online and the WAP* service you can carry out the most usual operations with the bank via your mobile phone.

These are the operations currently available:

  • Consult the balances of your accounts.
  • Consult movements.
  • Consult the status of your credit cards.
  • Consult global positions of equity accounts or funds.
  • Carry out transfers between bank accounts.

From wherever you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you already have total freedom to consult and operate your accounts in SabadellAtlántico.

This service is totally free (you will just pay the cost of the data traffic subject to your operator's current rates).


How does it work?

To operate you need:

  • a mobile phone with WAP technology (Wireless Application Protocol)*
  • have contracted SabadellAtlántico home banking services.


You can access:

  • from your mobile phone: just enter the address in the web browser for direct access.
  • from the WAP gateways of the main telephone operators you can access the WAP gateway of SabadellAtlántico from:

* WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) is a global standard developed to adapt Internet to mobile phones. WAP offers contents created exclusively for your mobile phone.