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New - Deposits

We help you to save

All our customers are different. Every one is unique. And so is how they save.
That’s why we are offering you a wide range of deposits  full adapted to your needs. Choose yours !

  • Characteristics

    Recover 100% of the invested capital at maturity with excellent return.

    12 months Deposit A whole year to get the most out of it.

    • From only 600 euros
    • Interest collection: monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or at maturity

    12 months Deposit – Interest paid in advance For those who don’t prefer waiting

    • From 15,000 euros
    • Interest collection: in advance

    6 months Deposit Half a year plenty of benefits

    • From 600 euros
    • Interest collection: monthly, quarterly, or at maturity

    3 months Deposit For when you need your money back, fast and for sure

    • From 600 euros
    • Interest collection: monthly or at maturity
    Appliquez maintenant ...
    • Sur l'internet
    • visitez nos agences

  • Taxation

    1. Residents

    Personal income tax

    • The interest on the deposits is included as investment income in the savings tax base for Personal Income Tax purposes. The tax rate applicable to the savings tax base is 21% for the first 6,000 euros and 21% as from 6,000.01 euros onwards.
    • At the time of payment, this interest is subject to a withholding tax of 21% .
    • Since 1 January, 2007, the 40% reduction has been eliminated for deposits with a generation period of over 2 years, in such a way that the period of interest generation does not influence the tax burden. Nonetheless, the law provides for a tax compensation, determined by the annual Budget Law, for contributors who are in a worse taxation position compared to that which would have resulted from applying the previous regulation. This is provided that the deposit was contracted prior to 20 January, 2006, date of publication of the Preliminary Draft Law.


    Inheritance tax

    In the event of the holder's death, the balance of the deposit should be declared for the taxation of said tax.


    2. Non-residents in Spain

    For deposits of non-residents, duly accredited, no withholding is carried out on generated interest, which is exempt from tax payment in Spain.
    In the event of not accrediting said residence, an 21% withholding will be applied.

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