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BS Multiportfolio, UL

Multiportfolio, UL


BS Multicartera, UL is a Unit-Linked life insurance policy managed by the top experts, that will allow you to choose between different investment options.

You will be able to distribute your investment amongst the different alternatives, according to your profitability objectives and the level of risk you are willing to undertake, always seeking the best investment opportunity.

Its main advantages are:

  • Invest in different investment opportunities and redistribute your positions at any time and at no cost.
  • Choose to the best profitability prospects of Spanish variable income without having to be an expert in stock trading, since the portfolios are managed by highly qualified advisors.
  • Pay no taxes until you decide to undo your investment.

And with the best profitability prospects in Spanish variable income without have to be an expert in stock trading, since the portfolios are managed by highly qualified advisors.

  • Characteristics
    • Amount : you can contract a minimum starting premium from 6,000 euros
    • Type of contributions : extraordinary contributions can be made from 600 euros and regular contributions can be established for 300 euros or the annual equivalent.
    • Profitability : this product offers a yield linked to the evolution of the assets in which you invest each one of the investment options.
    • Operation : Whenever you wish you can make transfers between the different investment options, redistributing your positions at no cost and not subject to taxation.
    • Availability : your money can be made available in full or in part at any time and with no commission or penalty .
    • Additional services : Since this is a life insurance-savings policy, it offers you an additional benefit in the event of the death of the insured party. Thus, the beneficiaries that you designate shall receive the accumulated balance plus 15%, up to a maximum of 30,000 euros. From 65 years of age, or if aggravated risks arise, the maximum increase is of 600 euros.
    • Taxation : you will not pay tax until you decide to redeem your investment (see taxation)

    Note: BS Multicartera, UL is a Unit-Linked insurance policy from BanSabadell Vida, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros, in which the client bears the investment risk.

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  • Portfolios

    Consult investment options. We will advise you so that you can choose the options that best suit your preferences:

    Consult investment options
    Investment options Investment vocation
    Monetary Portfolio Invest in monetary assets issued by public and private entities of sound credit level. You will be able to fall back on these in times of stock market instability, with no tax impact or cost.
    Mixed Portfolio This portfolio seeks to take advantage of the better yields on medium-term variable income without incurring in major volatility, since it is complemented with fixed-income monetary assets, actively managing their proportions to seek the best yields.
    Variable Income Portfolio Invests in countries of the Economic and Monetary Union mainly, although it may also invest in other regions.
    Ibersecurities BS National Model Portfolio Invests in securities on the Spanish stock market that the manager considers most likely to be revalued in the medium term.
    Ibersecurities BS High Yield Profitability Invests especially in five securities on the Spanish stock market that the manager considers most profitable by dividend and complements these with other securities with a high yield potential for the shareholder.
    Ibersecurities BS 5 National Securities Portfolio Invests especially in five Spanish securities, mainly the IBEX 35, which the manager considers to have the greatest short-term revaluation potential, complementing these with other national or European stock market values with medium-term revaluation potential.

    Note: BS Multicartera, UL is a Unit-Linked insurance policy from BanSabadell Vida, Sociedad Anónima de Seguros y Reaseguros, in which the client bears the investment risk.

  • Taxation
             1. Residents
    Personal income tax
    The return accumulates without any withholding and is only subject to taxation when surrendered. This 21% withholding is applied when surrender occurs.
    Return on live-savings insurance received in the form of capital, as is the case of BS Multicartera, Unit Linked, pays tax as return on equity investment income and forms part of the Savings Tax Base The tax rate applicable to the Savings Tax Base is 21% for the first 6,000 euros and 21% as from 6,000.01 euros.
    When performing a partial surrender, the amount recovered will be considered to correspond to the premiums first paid (FIFO system); therefore, those with the greatest accumulated life.
    From 1 January 2007 the 40% and 75% reduction percentages have been eliminated when surrender occurs for the return of premiums over 2 years old or more than 5 years respectively.
    However, there is a Transitory system which establishes that tax payers who receive deferred capital from the surrender of individual life or disability contracts effected prior to 20 January 2006 may enjoy a tax offset as provided in the Law on the General State Budget in the event the application of the new system is less favourable than the current system. For this purpose, only the premiums paid until 19 January 2006 will be taken into account together with the ordinary premiums provided in the original policy of the contract and paid subsequent to that date.
    Inheritance tax
    In the event of the holder’s death, his beneficiaries must pay Death duty and Gift tax for the amount received, with the particularity that being life insurance, if the relation of the beneficiary with the deceased holder is spouse, ascendant, descendant, adopting or adopted, a 100% reduction will be applied with a limit of 9,195.49 euros (*)
    (*) Variable amount dependent upon the Autonomous Community 
    2. Non residents in Spain
    In savings insurance, to accumulate capital, yield will be taxed only when redemption takes place.
    According to the country of residence, the percentage of retention applied will be different:
    Citizens resident in countries with which Spain has established a double taxation agreement which establishes a taxation at zero interest rate or reduced rate: this zero or reduced tax rate will be applied when you accredit your residence by means of a fiscal residence certificate issued by the tax authorities of the country in which you have tax residence to the effects of the said agreement. The certificate of fiscal residence must have antiquity not over one year from the date of reception of the yield.
    Citizens resident in countries without double taxation agreement with Spain or who do not provide the certificate of fiscal residence: a retention of 24% will be applied on the integral yield obtained.