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Accounts in Miami

Accounts in Miami

Multi-currency account in the offices of Banco Sabadell in Miami used for collecting your exports to the US market. Since it is a multi-currency account, it can hold balances not only in US dollars (USD), but also in any other officially quoted currency.

The account can be used for both domestic and international payments.

In order to use accounts in the Miami office, through BS Online Enterprices issuance , it is necessary to draw up a contract .

  • Operation

    Collection of transfers

    You must notify your client in the United States that the payment should be made to your account in Banco Sabadell (Miami Agency), indicating the following:

    • Name and account number of the beneficiary
    • Identification of the beneficiary bank: Name, address and ABA identification number ( American Banking Association ).

    The ABA number is a nine-digit code that is absolutely essential for carrying out a transfer within the United States.

    Management of check collection


    • You must notify your client in the United States that the check is paid by order of Banco Sabadell, Miami Agency , and that the information necessary to identify the payment be written on the check (accountholder, account number, invoice number).
    • Once Banco Sabadell (Miami) receives the check, it will be deposited into the account and can be consulted online when the cheque has been paid.

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  • Guides and forms
    • Centralized export account conditions (PDF, 1 page, 60 Kb)

    These documents are in PDF format. To view them, you will need Acrobat Reader. If you do not have this programme installed, you can download it free of charge.

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