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The bank that understands you best

Welcome to a bank that is currently the fourth largest private Spanish* banking group which has never ceased to expand both nationally and internationally to offer you the best service and be wherever you are.

Specialists in offering you the same here as you needed there

Another language, different customs….no problem. Here you will find the guidance and personalised attention you deserve and the financial products you will need when you arrive in a new country, your new home. For you to feel at home, accompanied and protected.

* Source: Quarterly statements of the companies (June 2016).

Welcome to Banco Sabadell

Resolving your banking needs


Day to day Banking.

The Key Account is the bank account that resolves all your day-to-day financial needs in Spain.

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Financing your dreams.

You can start to own your new home right now. We will study your case and offer you the fixed rate mortgage that best suits your needs, to ensure that you are not affected by interest rate fluctuations.

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Investing in your future.
Savings and Investments

We offer you a wide range of investment formulas, pre-eminently investment funds and foreign currency deposits:

Moving around your new country.

Your only concern is choosing the vehicle. Auto-renting will take care of all the rest. Forget maintenance, repairs and problems.

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And if you want to buy a car, we can finance that too.

Need to transfer money to Spain?
Regular Transfer Plan

We offer you different possibilities depending on your needs.

We protect you and your family.
Comprehensive Insurance Plan

The Comprehensive Insurance Plan offers a wide range of insurance solutions designed to prevent setbacks turning into financial burdens. For your peace of mind, knowing you’re in the right hands.

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We also offer you

Expansión Account

The salary account without bank fees.

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Discover the card that best meets your needs.

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Loans and credits

A loan for every need, to help you finance your dreams and plans.

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Long-term Saving Plans

Find the savings products that offer the most favourable tax treatment.

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Choose the deposit that best meets your needs.

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Can we help you?

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24 hours a day, every day.