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Tourism Business Renting

Renting Negocio Turístico

Renting is a form of medium to long term rental enabling you to acquire for your tourist business the items you need with the necessary services included in a single periodic instalment.

This means you can have a wide range of products, vehicles, capital goods or even real estate for your business.

You can include in a fixed monthly instalment:

  • Energy-efficiency projects:
    • Boilers: gas, propane, biomass, co-and tri-generation equipment.
    • Climate control.
    • Photovoltaic panels, thermal and geothermal.
    • Lighting: LEDs and control systems.
  • Evolution or modernisation of the corporate image.
  • Furniture and facilities.
  • Kitchen materials and equipment.
  • IT equipment.
  • Computers, POST, TV, telephony, wifi, gymnasiums, fitness rooms, etc.


  • It replaces the concept of ownership for utilisation, improving balance sheet ratios.
  • The VAT on the instalments is deductible.
  • Instalments are considered direct expenditure.
  • It does not appear in CIRBE (Bank of Spain Risk Information Centre).
  • Fully planned and controlled expenditure.
  • No arrangement or assessment fees.
  • It comprises 100% of the investment, with an optional initial deposit.
  • Option to Purchase.
  • It does not affect the limit on financial spending.


Material lease

• Contract for between 24 and 120 months.
• Fixed instalment on a monthly basis.

Multi-peril insurance

• Contract for between 24 and 120 months.
• Fixed instalment on a monthly basis.

Supplier management

• Management of orders and delivery of equipment.
• Supplier payments.

Services and assistance

• Option of including services (assessment, audit, installation, maintenance, etc…).
• Technical advice.
• Management of warranties and maintenance.


  • Single operation:
    A single contract is made that may include one or more items which will be activated in a single instalment.

  • Framework contract:
    An Initial Contract, which is notarised, is made for an approved global risk amount which is then drawn down, without notarisation.

  • Line of risk:
    Of the global risk amount approved, individual contracts will be made which must be notarised for each drawdown.

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This document is for information purposes. The information given here is subject to the conditions and limits described in the general conditions of the product.

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