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Company cards

Self-employed, businesses and SMEs

Tarjeta Business Mastercard Autónomos
Tarjeta Business Mastercard

Mastercard Business Card

 Choose between the debit card, Gold or Platinum, depending on your needs.
 They make it easier for you to make day-to-day payments by replacing cash, and they also help you control your expenses.
 No issuance or maintenance fee for Sabadell Business Account or Sabadell Business Account Plus customers.¹
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Large companies

Tarjeta Business Mastercard Grandes Empresas
Tarjeta Platinum Business Mastercard

Mastercard Corporate Card

 Choose between Corporate Gold or Corporate Platinum, depending on your needs.
 If your card is lost or stolen, we will refund the amount of fraudulent transactions made in the 48 hours prior to your notice.
 With the possibility of deferring payments by settlement, making it easier for you to manage your finance division.
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Tarjeta Solred

Solred Card

 Designed for the self-employed, small businesses with vehicles, transport companies...
 For discounts on fuel and other services.
 Deferred payment at the end of the month.
 Automatic billing at the end of the month.
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Avoid queues at toll booths. Perfect for company employees who travel by car.

Cash In

To deposit cash at any time and in a simple, fast and convenient way. No waiting.