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Solred Corporate

Tarjeta Solred

Enjoy the benefits of the cards issued by the company Solred (Repsol Group), which we offer you completely free of charge, fees and maintenace costs.
Take advantage of an easy way to pay for your vehicles' fuel and obtain discounts and savings in the management of these expenses.

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  • Advantages
    • Discounts from 1.2 cts./liter of fuel purchased at the more than 3,200 Repsol, Campsa and Petronor service stations associated with the Solred system.
    • Free financing , as the money is not advanced in cash. Payment at the end of the month; the company does not need to advance money to employees.
    • Detailed information on the purchases made each month, with a breakdown of the VAT and applied discounts.
    • Completely free , with no annual fees or charges, fees and maintenace costs.
    • Access to updated information online , signing up for the Solred Directo service free of charge.

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  • Types

    Solred cards that SabadellAtlántico offers its customers:

    • Solred Clásica : for companies whose vehicles travel within Spain.
    • Solred DKV : for companies whose vehicles travel internationally.
    • Solred Gasóleo Bonificado : for companies that purchase diesel fuel at service stations.

    These cards can be used to purchase fuel and lubricants at service stations which belong to the Repsol, Campsa and Petronor network.

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