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Secure, fast and convenient payments

Contactless cards


Simplifying your payments is helping you make all transactions more convenient, faster and more secure. You can pay for your purchases with contactless cards by bringing the card or your mobile with Sabadell Wallet close to the POS terminal. Easy, right?

Advantages of contactless cards

  • Faster: you don't need to insert your card and, if you want, you can also pay without a wallet using your mobile phone.
  • More versatile: your card is still valid at any POS, even if it does not accept contactless technology.
  • More convenient: it simplifies your small purchases (bread, newspaper, coffee, etc.) and allows you to forget about cash.
  • More secure: pay with peace of mind while minimising contact in day-to-day payments.

How to purchase with a contactless card

  1. As always, you will see the amount of your purchase on the POS screen.
  2. Bring the card or your mobile phone with Sabadell Wallet close to the POS terminal and in a second you will confirm the payment. For purchases of less than €50, you don’t have to enter the PIN. If the amount is higher than this, you will have to enter your PIN.
  3. You're done! It’s as simple as that.

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