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Savings Calculator
  • Check your financial future.
    Only available in Spanish and for residents
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Savings Plan

Save regularly for your future. And almost without realising!

Plan Ahorro
From just €30 per contribution you can make regular or extraordinary contributions. You’ll see how easy it is to save!
Return is 100% guaranteed and known in advance.
Your savings, available when you need them without any penalty for surrender.

What is the Savings Plan and how does it work?

Savings Plan is life/savings insurance that rewards your perseverance and allows you to save at your own pace, simply and easily.

With the balance of your plan having a guaranteed return, you can use this balance whenever you want without any reduction for surrender1.

From just 30 euros per contribution, you decide how much and when you want to add funds. You can make regular or extraordinary contributions so you can save effortlessly, without even realising it.

Just look at how much you can save with the Savings Plan!

€30 a month the first year


*Amounts calculated for an annual 5% revaluation of the contributions. The technical interest rate applied for a sum accumulated over 5 years is 0.10%., for a capital accumulated over 10 years is 0.10%, for a capital accumulated over 20 years is 0.15% and for a capital accumulated over 30 years is 0.20%. . This simulation is solely for information purposes, is not binding on either party and lacks any contractual value. . The calculations are a guideline and under no circumstance constitute a commitment for the insurance company.

Is Savings Plan my product?

Save more easily with a couple of tips!

You should also know:

Legal terms and conditions
The Savings Plan is a life insurance policy of BanSabadell Vida, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros, with Tax ID no. A08371908 and its registered offices at Calle Isabel Colbrand, 22, 28050 Madrid, registered with the Mercantile Register of Madrid and DGSyFP Insurance Companies Registry under code no. C-0557. Insurance policies brokered by BanSabadell Mediación, Operador de Banca-Seguros Vinculado del Grupo Banco Sabadell, S.A., tax ID A-03424223, with registered address at Avda. Óscar Esplá, 37, 03007 Alicante, registered in the Merc. Reg. of Alicante, and in the DGSyFP’s Special Administrative Register of Insurance and Reinsurance Distributors under code no. OV-0004, and carries Civil Liability Insurance pursuant to the provisions of the regulation on the distribution of private insurance and reinsurance in effect at all times. You can view a list of the insurers with which BanSabadell Mediación has entered into an insurance agency contract at www.bancosabadell.com/bsmediacion.

1. If you redeem your Savings Plan, the profitability obtained will be taxed as movable capital in your personal income tax. The tax rate to be applied to the Taxable Base of the savings is 19% for the first €6,000, 21% for up to €50,000, 23% for up to €200,000, to 27% up to €300,000 and 28% from €300,000.01 onwards. At the time of the payment, this interest is subject to 19% withholding tax. In the event of the death of the policyholder, the insurer guarantees the payment to the beneficiary(-ies) of the accumulated balance of the product (mathematical provision), plus an additional insured amount equal to 10% of the mathematical provision.

The additional insured amount will be a maximum of €12,000 (€600 for policyholders over 65 years of age or any who have aggravated risks). In the event of death by accident (only in the case of policyholders under 65 years of age), the beneficiaries will receive the accumulated balance of the product (mathematical provision), plus an additional insured amount equal to 100% of the mathematical provision, with a maximum of €150,000.

The insured amount that will be paid to the beneficiary of the insurance contract will be taxed for the Inheritance and Donations Tax (ISD), applying a reduction to the tax base of 100% of the amount received, with a limit of €9,195.49 (amount variable according to the Autonomous Community) per beneficiary, as long as the beneficiary’s relationship with the policyholder is that of a spouse, ascendant, descendant, adopter or adoptee. Product available only for residents in Spain.
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