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Savings Calculator
  • Check your financial future.
    Only available in Spanish and for residents
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Savings 5 Account, ILTSA

Now when you save, you save even more.

No tax applicable to the return produced, once five years have passed since the first contribution.

Assure yourself a comfortable life.

Knowing you have a sum of money to resort to offers great peace of mind. Just for that reason, apart from the tax saving, the Savings 5 Account, ILTSA 1, can be that reserve you have for carrying out a project or for when the circumstances require.

You decide your contributions.

You can make the contributions you prefer: every month, when you receive a bonus or a tax rebate, once a year…The only limit is an annual maximum of 5,000 euros.

An account for each member of the family.

And the Savings 5 Account sets no limit on how many members of the family unit can open an account. So your family savings grow, as do the tax benefits.

Your savings, always available.

If you need the capital paid in, you can cancel the plan in full and withdraw your money at any time, plus the interest accrued without any type of penalty.2

1 ILTSA Individual Long-Term Savings Account.
2 If you cancel in full before five years have elapsed since the first contribution, you lose the tax advantages and the interest earned will be included in the savings tax base.

How can I open a second account if I am already a Banco Sabadell customer?
Open the Banco Sabadell app , click on the menu on the right and go to the Accounts section. Then click on the + symbol to see the available accounts and their main features. For more information, see our offer of Banco Sabadell accounts.
What account products can I sign up for from Banco Sabadell Online?
As you are already a Banco Sabadell customer and account holder, you can sign up for the Sabadell Account and the ILTSA Account from Banco Sabadell Online.
Do I have to be a Banco Sabadell account holder?
Yes, you can only apply for a second account if you already hold an account with Banco Sabadell.
Is there a limit to the number of holders?
Yes, the new account will be based on the account holders selected at the beginning of the process, but you can open it in the name of all, several, or at the very least one of the account holders. However, the ILTSA account can only have one account holder.
Do I need to have my National Identity Card (DNI) up to date in My Profile to open a second account?
Yes, in order to open a second account, you must have a valid and up-to-date National Identity Card (DNI) or Foreign National Identity Card (NIE) in our systems.

If you need to update your DNI or NIE, access your online banking from the Banco Sabadell website, open the drop-down menu next to your name, and go to My Profile. Next, click on My Personal Data and then on Identity Document.
Do I need to submit any documents to open a second account?
No, you do not need to submit any other document, but your National Identity Card (DNI) or Foreign National Identity Card (NIE) must be valid and up to date in our systems.

If you need to update your DNI or NIE, access your online banking from the Banco Sabadell website, open the drop-down menu next to your name, and go to My Profile. Next, click on My Personal Data and then on Identity Document.
¿How can I find out if the other holders have signed the contract?
To check the status of the contract and see if the other holders have already signed it, log in to your online banking from the Banco Sabadell website. Then go to My Profile and then to My Documents. There you can check the status of your documents: pending signatures, all my documents and shared documents.
What are the restrictions on the use of this second account?
The account is for personal use, and under no circumstances may be used for professional purposes.
How can I sign the contract?
Signing the contract is the last step in the process of opening the account. After confirming that you have read and accepted the contract, you will receive an SMS on the mobile phone number you provided at the beginning of the process, or a notification from the app, with the confirmation code that you must enter where indicated. This signature system is as valid as a handwritten signature.

Remember that a copy of the signed contract will be available in the My Profile/My Documents section of your remote banking.
Once I have signed the contract, will my new account be activated?
Yes, with the signature of the contract the new account will be activated and fully operational.
Can I withdraw from the contract once it has been signed?
Yes, you can withdraw and cancel the contract free of charge within 14 days of its taking effect without giving any reason and without a penalty.

For more information, you can call the free telephone number 900 700 010 or go to your nearest branch.
What information will I be provided to sign up for my second account?
When you sign up for your new account online, you will be provided with pre-contractual information, which you can download so that you always have it on hand. The pre-contractual information contains:
  • Information document on fees.
  • Information leaflet prior to entering into a payment services framework contract.
  • Pre-contractual information in accordance with banking regulations.
  • Annex of fees and expenses applicable to transfers and cheques through the account.
What additional information do I have about signing up for a new account?
"The following documentation is available at our branches and on the Customer Information section of our website:

(i) Quarterly information on the fees and rates most commonly charged or offered for the most frequent transactions with the most common customer profiles of natural persons.
(ii) List of most representative services associated with a payment account.

If you need to, you can call the free telephone number 900 700 010 for any questions or queries related to the process or the features of the products and services we offer.


  • Contribute your savings whenever and how often you wish. The only limit is 5,000 euros per year.
  • Recover 100% of the invested capital.
  • No limit to the number of members.
  • Full availability of the balance at any time without penalty.

Tax treatment

After 5 years the income is exempt from taxation.

This product is part of the Long Term Savings Plans, which are characterised by the exemption from taxation of income from securities income, provided that the product is not cancelled in full before 5 years. Banco Sabadell's Savings Account 5, CIALP, forms part of these Long Term Savings Plans and its legal nature is an account (CIALP). It is paid quarterly, with interest capitalised along with the contributions made.

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