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Savings 5 Account, ILTSA 1

Now when you save, you save even more.

No tax applicable to the return produced, once five years have passed since the first contribution.

Assure yourself a comfortable life.

Knowing you have a sum of money to resort to offers great peace of mind. Just for that reason, apart from the tax saving, the Savings 5 Account can be that reserve you have for carrying out a project or for when the circumstances require.

You decide your contributions.

You can make the contributions you prefer: every month, when you receive a bonus or a tax rebate, once a year…The only limit is an annual maximum of 5,000 euros.

An account for each member of the family.

And the Savings 5 Account sets no limit on how many members of the family unit can open an account. So your family savings grow, as do the tax benefits.

Your savings, always available.

If you need the capital paid in, you can cancel the plan in full and withdraw your money at any time, plus the interest accrued without any type of penalty.2

1 ILTSA Individual Long-Term Savings Account.
2 If you cancel in full before five years have elapsed since the first contribution, you lose the tax advantages and the interest earned will be included in the savings tax base.


Open the Savings 5 CIALP Account now and take advantage of the special conditions*:


* Profitability from the first euro: 0.0493% TIN, 0.05% variable APR. This variable APR will vary with the interest rate revisions. Interest rate reviewable quarterly. Example of settlement in one year assuming the interest rate is maintained throughout the year: average account balance: 1,000 euros; quarterly settlement of interest; interest settled during the year: 0.49 euros. Its remuneration is quarterly, with capitalisation of the interest together with the contributions made. It is only possible to be the holder of one long-term savings plan, with Banco de Sabadell, S.A. or any other bank.

Conditions valid until 30/06/2018.

If you are aged between 0 and 29:

If you make a first periodic contribution to a ILTSA, we will refund you 10% of the first periodic contribution (maximum €20).**

** Valid from September 4, 2017 only valid for people under 30 years of age who make a periodic monthly contribution to the CIALP (new or existing) and provided that the CIALP is held by the same person as the Expansión or Expansión Primera Account. Only one promotional payment per contract is allowed and will be paid at the time of the first monthly contribution. The amount paid will be credited to the CIALP and will be considered an exempt capital income and, therefore it is not subject to tax withholding. If the account is cancelled within 5 years of the first contribution, the tax advantages disappear, and the interest generated and the remuneration received become part of the taxable amount of savings.


  • Zero fees: fully free of charge, always.
  • Contributions can be up to 5,000 euros a year.
  • Possibility of making regular or extraordinary contributions.
  • Recovery of 100% of the capital invested
  • Capitalisation of the interest together with the contributions made.
  • Balance is totally available at any time without any penalty.

Tax treatment

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    Savings 5 Account, ILTSA 1
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