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Sabadell Consolida 94 FI

A fund that gives you just what you're looking for

Sabadell Consolida 94, FI
It is ideal for investors looking for returns without putting all their capital at risk.
It is actively and flexibly managed and tailors investments to increase the likelihood of returns.
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Why choose Sabadell Consolida 94, FI?

  • Its purpose is to get returns.
    In the current economic context, one of the best investment alternatives is to seek returns without putting all the capital invested at risk. And this fund combines the search for yield with partial protection.

  • Protecting a part of your money.
    It is designed to ensure that its net asset value is not less than 94% of the reference net asset value in each protection period. The protection is granted by the guarantor (Amundi, S.A.) and is provided for an initial period of five years (from 21 May 2021 to 21 May 2026), with possible subsequent renewals for periods of one year.

    Partial protection period .
    The protection period is the period from the first working day of the year (included) to the last working day of the year (included).

    Benchmark net asset value in each period.
    The benchmark net asset value shall be the last net asset value of the previous protection period.
    The benchmark net asset value is established each year and reset at the beginning of each period.

    The fund may have positive returns, nil returns and even a loss-making performance. If, during the partial protection period, the net asset value reaches the consolidated net asset value, all the assets may be invested in lower risk equity (an extreme situation) in order to ensure this partial capital protection.

    Where the net asset value is collateralised or dependent on one or more contracts with a counterparty, there is counterparty risk, which is the risk that this part will default on its payment obligations.

How does Sabadell Consolida 94, FI invest?

Sabadell Consolida 94, FI invests worldwide and in all asset classes. It is actively and flexibly managed on the basis of fundamental market analysis to increase the likelihood of returns, allowing it to constantly adapt to different environments. Thus, in favourable market conditions, risk assets are prioritised (up to 30% of the portfolio is invested in variable income) to capture their return potential and, in bear markets, the risk level of the portfolio is reduced investing in more conservative assets.

What else can this fund offer me?

  • Experience and professionalism.
    A stable team of people with extensive experience in fund management and asset management.
  • Full liquidity.
    You can redeem all or part of your investment at any time, without penalty.
  • Tax advantages.
    As with all investment funds, as an individual resident in Spain, you will not be taxed until you withdraw your investment.

Remember that…

  • Investments are subject to market fluctuations and other risks inherent to investment in securities and other financial instruments, the acquisition value may therefore undergo variations both upward and downward and it is possible you will not recover the amount initially invested.
  • If the markets don’t evolve as expected, the fund may suffer loss. Therefore, withdrawing the money before the minimum recommended term (which in this case is 3 years) increases the risk of capital loss.
  • When investing in international markets, there is an exchange rate risk associated with investing in assets denominated in currencies other than that of the holding.

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