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Sabadell Inversor
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Sabadell Broker

Sabadell eBolsa

Risk indicator for shares


This number indicates the risk of the product, 1/6 being the lowest risk and 6/6 the highest

Sabadell Broker

Your best ally for invest in the stock exchange 100% online.

Buy and sell shares

In domestic and international markets.

Always up to date

With clear and accurate information to keep track of your investments.

A click away

Convenience and speed, with information on market and investment trends in one place

And with the added value offered by our expertise: BS Analysis value reports that show the evolution of the different companies and markets.


To use Sabadell Broker you only need to have a securities account open. And then you can...

Operate directly in the markets.
Send to the market any purchase or sell order from any company of your choice.
Check the trends of all markets and stocks that are trading up or down.


For investing in the stock market, keep in mind...


Think your investments through

Be clear about the goals you want to achieve through your investment.


Be well informed

Either on your own or through our BS Analysis service, which offers daily reports on the evolution of the markets.


Plan for the long term and diversify

In this way, if any sector experiences a fall, your investment will not be heavily affected.


Be patient

Getting carried away by moments of euphoria or panic or investment trends is a common mistake. Always analyse each situation thoroughly.

Never invested before? Try our stock market simulator

You don't need to have a stock account open, and you can practise how you would invest in the stock market. Check how much you would earn, how much you would lose, the companies with the biggest profits or with the biggest losses, and so on.

We remind you that stock investment carries the risk of loss. Investing in foreign currency also involves exchange rate risks.


Also called securities, they are the equal parts into which the share capital of a company is divided.
Securities Market
A market in which Shares, Options, Futures and/or Commodities are traded.
An investment portfolio consists of all financial instruments owned, such as company shares, fixed-interest securities or money market instruments. You should make different unrelated or uncorrelated investments to minimise risk.
Expiry date
Date on which the option expires.
A trade order to buy or sell a specific instrument. The main types are limit orders and stop orders.
Market order
An order to buy or sell a specific instrument as soon as possible at the price obtained in the market.
Any investment instrument, other than insurance policies or fixed annuities, issued by a company, government or other organisation. They comprise mainly shares and bonds.
Did you know...?

In accordance with Law 5/2020 of 15 October on the Financial Transactions Tax, we would like to inform you that as of 14 January 2021, all acquisitions of shares of companies whose stock market capitalisation exceeds 1 billion euros may be subject to this new tax. If you would like to receive further information, we will happily assist you on +34 963 085 000.

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