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Sabadell Broker

Sabadell eBolsa

Sabadell Broker

Your best ally for invest in the stock exchange 100% online.

Buy and sell shares.

On domestic and international markets.

Always up to date.

With clear and precise information and to track your investments.

Everything, just a click away.

Convenience and speed, because you have information on market and investment evolution in one place.

With the added value of our expertise: with BS Análisis value reports, with the evolution of companies and markets.


To use Sabadell Broker you only need to have a securities account.
Then you can ...

Operate directly in the markets.
Send to the market the purchase or sale orders you want for the companies you choose.
Consult the positive or negative evolution of all the markets and shares that are quoted.


To invest in the stock market, remember you should...


Think carefully about your investments.

Be clear about the objectives you want to achieve with your investment.


Be well informed.

Either on your own or with our BS Análisis service, with daily reports on market evolution.


Plan for the long term and diversify.

So that, if any sector suffers a fall, your investment is not so affected.


Be patient.

Getting carried away by moments of euphoria, panic, or investment trends is often a mistake. Always analyse each situation well.

Have you never invested? Try our stock exchange simulator.

You do not need to have a stock account and it helps you practice how you would invest in the stock market. Check what you would earn, what you would lose, the companies with the highest profits, with the highest losses, etc.


Also called titles or securities, they are the equal parts into which the capital stock of a company is divided.
Stock market
Market in which, among others, Shares, Options, Futures or Commodities are traded.
An investment portfolio is made up of all financial instruments owned, such as company shares, fixed-rate securities or money market instruments. To minimise risk, you should have a variety of investments that are relatively unrelated or correlated.
Maturity date
Date the option expires.
Trading order to buy or sell a particular instrument. The main types are limited and stop orders.
Market order
Purchase or sale order of a specific instrument as soon as possible at the price obtained in the market.
The entire investment instrument, other than insurance policies or fixed annual income, issued by a company, government or other type of organization. They mainly consist of stocks and bonds.
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In accordance with Law 5/2020 of 15 October on the Tax on Financial Transactions, we would like to inform you that as of 14 January 2021, all acquisitions of shares of Spanish companies whose stock market capitalisation exceeds 1 billion euros may be subject to this new tax. If you would like to receive further information, we are available to assist you on 963 085 000

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