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Banc Sabadell works to provide your company global services, including adoption of Swift for Corporates. Swift for Corporates may help you to connect securely and easily to your banking partners, simplifying your communication channels, endowing your organization of a higher level of efficiency.

Using Swift for Corporates, you can standardize your financial transactions, improving your liquidity and cash management; also you’ll avoid the cost of maintaining multiple bank channels.
Swift for Corporates offers the following benefits:
  • Global visibility on cash and trade: receive end-of-day or intra-day reporting directly from all your banks. It will increases funds visibility and gives you the ability to better invest.
  • Reduced expense: lowered maintenance and operating costs, connecting multiple banks into a single channel.
  • Increase the security and transparency of your payments
  • Support: 24x7 global support by swift
Swift for Corporates offers different ways to connect to SWIFT:
  • FIN: for payments and account reporting. This service offers fast implementation and automated routing.
  • FileAct: includes account reporting and low value payments.
More information:
Contact us at: info@bancsabadell.com<

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