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Cheques remittance

Transactions and settlement

With this service, you can transact with and settle cheques and promissory notes online any time of day from your company



  • File importing and exporting with your accounting department
  • Saves time and reduces administrative costs
  • Availability to deposit cheques 24 hours a day
  • Numerous options for obtaining information
  • Immediate payment
  • Easy to use




You can select the type that best suits your needs:

Form at BS Online:

To transact with and settle a small number of documents by means of a simple form at BS Online Companies .

Downloadable application:

For the transaction and settlement of more than 5 documents, we provide you with an application specifically for creating check remittances, which allows you to: [link to download page for cheque and promissory note deposits]

This application   ("BS Online - File management")  offers multiple possibilities, including:

  • Directly obtaining information from documents that have already been posted in the company's accounting records
  • Transferring to your accounting systems the information entered in the application
  • Manual entry of cheque and promissory note information. The system accepts all types of current account cheques and promissory notes, excluding the following: fuel cheques, travel cheques, service station vouchers, non-standardised cheques (without CMC7 magneto-optical optic characters), documents with notice of protest, and any document charged to non-residents which exceeds the limit established from time to time under current regulations.
  • Automatic feeding of various databases, such as ordering companies, deposit accounts, clients and remittances, for quick, easy access to information when creating remittances
  • Sending of the prepared remittance to your bank branch via BS Online

The payment will automatically be made to the account, once the remittance has been sent via BS Online and signed. From this moment on, you will have a period of twenty days within which to take the physical documents to any network branch.


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