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Public tenders

Concursos Públicos

SabadellAtlántico has subscribed to a collaboration agreement with Maninvest to offer you an information service on:

  • all the summons for public tenders (over 75,000 per year, with almost 80 thousand million euros in procurements), openings and adjudications all over the country
  • new creations and those in process all over Spain
  • grants and subsidies on a national, autonomous or local level for your company or your sector (over 2,500 grants documented annually)

It permits you to define the criteria of the public tenders and public works that are most interesting to you and Maninvest keeps you informed on any novelty by means of our weekly e-mail alert service.

These alerts permit you to know instantly what type of information we have about each public work, as we inform you about the supplier and the other details of interest without the need to access the file, thus saving time.

Access to tenders, works and subsidies


Public tenders

The public licitation information service permits you to be informed about the invitation for any public tender as soon as it is published:

  • Invitations: requirements for the contracting of works, services, supplies and studies by the public administration
  • Openings: know which tenders your clients and competitors are bidding for
  • Awards: who are the final beneficiaries of each tender and under what conditions

Furthermore, Maninvest covers all agency services related to the world of public tenders, in such a way that it also offers:

  • a model of exact bid bond for each tender
  • specifications in under 72 hours
  • licitation specifications
  • classify your company as contractor




In order to offer business opportunities to all contractors, subcontractors, construction material and associated services suppliers, the Confederación Nacional de la Construcción (CNC), in collaboration with Maninvest, has developed the Info Obras service.

With Info Obras you can have access, before anyone else, to all the work projects that may interest you thanks to the information on each new approved works that the Institute of Site Superintendents in Spain provides on a monthly basis and which is immediately incorporated into the data bases of Info Obras up to 90 before the attainment of the municipal licence:

  • by geographical area
  • by type of work
  • promoter
  • if the awarding of the builder is pending
  • or the state of the work, among others

With this new service you will have access not only to new works, but also to the monitoring qthat is carried out on each of these up to the end of the work. This constant revision permits you to know all the modifications or new data added to each work such as

  • materials,
  • expected initiation and completion dates,
  • photos of the work (Community of Madrid)
  • or details of the builder, among others



This service permits you to know all the grants applicable to any project of your company: investment, contracts, quality, etc. and all the grants applicable to your activity sector and geographical location.