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Our pledge to companies

Directors and Officers Protection (D&O)

We protect your performance

Protección Consejeros y Directivos

Directors and Officers Protection is insurance that protects your assets and, if applicable, those of your family from possible claims for incorrect acts during the performance of your work. This insurance is intended for SMEs, corporations, limited companies, cooperatives, associations and non-profit foundations.

The Policyholder must always be the company, although the risk aims to protect the assets of the directors of same.

We guarantee your peace of mind

We insure civil liability as director or officer for incorrect acts during the performance of their work from possible claims by creditors, shareholders or employees (subject to the conditions of the policy).

We know how to protect you

Judicial and extra-judicial costs and expenses are covered The insurance, subject to the conditions of the policy:

  • Marital and hereditary assets.
  • Claims for employment practices.
  • Defence, settlement and assignment expenses.
  • Posting of civil liability bonds and bail bonds.
Directors are reassured by payment of the compensation to the various parties affected by the performance for which the insured may be civilly liable in exercising their functions.

We protect your performance

  • We insure your personal and family assets.
  • We cover your civil liability as a director.
  • We guarantee the expenses of legal defence.
  • We make payment of any compensation arising from same.

With the best service:

Customer Care Service: 902 108 637.

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Zurich Insurance plc. Branch in Spain, holder of Tax ID. W0072130H and registered offices in calle Agustín de Foxá, 27, 28036 Madrid. Registered with the Companies Register of Madrid and the Registry of Insurance Companies of the DGSyFP under code E-0189.

This document is for information purposes. The information given here is subject to the conditions and limits described in the general conditions of the product.
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