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Prepaid card

For those wanting to pay for their purchases in advance

Card MasterCard

The prepaid card is the perfect hassle-free solution to keep tabs on your expenses: while travelling, for the youngest in the family, or as a gift, for example.

In addition to being secure, the prepaid card is very convenient, as its Contactless technology allows you to use it at any merchant.

How it works

  • To start using it, choose the amount you want to load on it (minimum of 15 euros): the balance will be linked to a current account or to other cards you have as a customer.
  • Check your available balance and top up your card whenever you want.
  • And if you prefer, request one as a gift. In this case the card will not be personalised, so no identification will be required at the time of purchase.

What you can do

The Banco Sabadell prepaid card is valid at more than 29 million merchants worldwide, so you can take it with you wherever you want with complete peace of mind.

And, if you feel like forgetting your wallet, you can add your prepaid card to the Sabadell Wallet app, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay to pay with your mobile. It’s that simple.

Balance queries

Keeping up to date with the available balance on your prepaid card is as easy as checking it here.

If you have a card in your name, you can also check the latest transactions from your online banking website and the app.

Product conditions

  • Card issue fee: 6 euros at the time of contracting.
  • No card maintenance fee: 0 euros/year from the second year.
  • Stamping fee for issue and renewal with Instantcard: 10 euros.
  • Apply now...
    • By Internet

    • By visiting our branches

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