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Questions and answers in case of emergency | Sabadell Bank

How can we help you?

I have had a card stolen

Block your cards to invalidate any that have been stolen or lost.

I have had bank data stolen

If you suspect someone has stolen or tried to steal the code, get in touch with us now.

I have had data about my card stolen

If cybercriminals have stolen or tried to steal information about any of your cards, get in touch with us now.

I need to contact the bank urgently


More options

My mobile phone has been stolen or lost

If you have the payments of your cards associated with the Sabadell Wallet app and you have lost your mobile device, click on "Block my cards" now to invalidate these. Access all your cards one by one, including the sticker, if you have one, and click on "Operation" in the menu on the lower bar and then on "Block card".

Block my cards

I want to deactivate/activate my Online Banking

If you think that your accounts are at risk, you can deactivate access to web operations and the app.
When you deactivate this you cannot access operations online.
You can activate this again in Urgent Help - I want to deactivate/activate my Online Banking.


I need cash now

Use Instant Money, a service with which you can withdraw cash from Banco Sabadell ATMs with no need to use your card. You will only need your mobile phone, in which you will receive an SMS with a code to enter at the cash dispenser to be able to withdraw your cash.

I want to withdraw cash now

I would like to increase my card limit

You can ask for an increase in the limit of your credit card by clicking on "Request". If you need to do so right away or wish to increase the purchasing limit of your debit card, call us on:

+34 935 202 910
Spanish telephone number

+34 935 202 910
Foreign telephone number


I have lost or forgotten my code

To change your access code you can contact us by phone any day and at any time or call in at any of our branches:

+34 935 202 910
Spanish telephone number

+34 935 202 910
Foreign telephone number

I cannot shop on the Internet

Make sure that the card you are using to purchase has the payment permit for purchasing online activated.

Activate now

I cannot shop abroad

You must activate the permit for your card to pay from abroad.

Activate now

I would like to cancel a transfer

Press "Cancel" and we will redirect you straight to the process to cancel a transfer.


I need to find a branch or ATM cash dispenser

If you need information on our branches or cash dispensers, click on the "Branches" option at the top left-hand side of our web page.

Look for your office now

I have not received my Digital Signature code

Make sure that you have a data connection or wifi for your mobile. When you have re-established the connection, you will receive the notification. Should you not receive this, access the Banco Sabadell app and go to Digital Signature in your profile for this to come up. If you receive the code by SMS, make sure that you have cover or repeat the process once more.

I would like to consult a contract

You can consult the documents for any products you have contracted by means of the Banco Sabadell app or web site by clicking on "Consult my contracts".

Consult my contracts