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Accounts in Portugal

Accounts in Portugal

Banco Sabadell and Millenniumbcp has established a collaboration agreement to facilitate your company's commercial relations with Portugal.

You can open your Millenniumbcp account and begin to:

  • Consult balances (position balance and value balance)
  • Consult movements and bank statement of your company's accounts, with the option of viewing the details of the respective movements on your computer
  • Perform transfers between accounts in Banco Sabadell and Millenniumbcp with all transactions performed before 2 pm receiving the same treatment as domestic transactions.

  • Advantages
    • Innovative service, exclusively designed to facilitate the most common commercial transactions carried out by your company with Portugal
    • Online availability of a wide range of transactions through  BS Online Companies
    • Preferential treatment for the rest of your banking transactions
    • Cost savings on your banking transactions with Portugal, since these transactions are to a certain extent similar to domestic commercial transactions

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  • Operation

    Opening an account

    1. Application to open an account online
    2. Print out, fill in and submit to your accounts manager in Banco Sabadell the necessary documents once you have received them with the Millenniumbcp e-mail:
      1. Contract for opening an account in Banco Comercial Português ? Current account deposit
      2. Document containing information for business clients
      3. Document containing member information
      4. Online bank transactions contract and annex - Rules for authorizing transactions
      5. Details of the shareholding or control structure
      6. Remittance letter with the list of documents you should send to your branch in Banco Sabadell
      7. Remittance letter for sending documents from the offices of Banco Sabadell
      As well as:
      1. Photocopy of valid ID card of the persons authorized to operate the account 1
      2. Photocopy of the company's tax code 1
      3. Deeds of constitution of the company contract and articles of association 2
      4. Deeds of modification of the company contract (if any)
      5. Certificate of appointment of the governing bodies (if any) 2
      6. Powers of attorney (if any) 2
      7. If the deeds do not identify the post or function of the persons authorized on the account, it will be necessary to issue a company statement to certify the post or functions thereof 3
    3. When Millenniumbcp has received the documentation and registered the account:
      • Millenniumbcp will send you an e-mail with your account number and will provide you with the necessary codes to list the users that will have access to consult and operate the account online. 4
      • A digital certificate will be automatically installed on your computer
      • Each user will be assigned their own access code and the system will generate a document for each user , which must be signed by the user and by an authorized person on the account, adding the company stamp.
      • Submit these new documents to your branch of Banco Sabadell

    1 Duly certified photocopies from the office of Banco Sabadell indicating that these are an accurate reflection of the master copy, dated no longer than two months ago.
    2 Documents awarded outside of Portugal must be legalized in accordance with the requirements of the Hague Convention.
    3 In the case of participations of over 25%, it will be necessary to present: In the case of legal entities, documents �?{h}�?, �?i�? and �?{j}�?. In the case of private individuals, documents �?c�? and �?{h}�?.
    4 It is necessary to make a minimum deposit of 500 euros in order to activate the Millenniumbcp remote banking service.

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