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Point of sale terminals (POSTs)


POSTs are a collection method which enables establishments to accept non-cash payments from their customers. Payments are made by credit or debit card, which is guaranteed by a financial entity.

Banco Sabadell operates with the Visa, MasterCard and 4B systems, which means that the establishments adhered to these systems can accept this payment method, securing the collection of their sales upon presenting the corresponding invoices to their bank.


  • Enables increased sales, since your potential customers can make a quick purchase decision in your establishment even if they have no cash available (and they have improved buying power thanks to card credit).
  • Accepts payments with full guarantee for Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electrón, American Express, Diners and Red 6000cards.
  • Instant collection of sales made, provided the contract requirements are met.
  • Avoids incidents in cash handling: forged notes, cash balances, cash differences or currency exchange.
  • EMVTechnology for EMV chip cards.
  • Can perform refunds and transaction consultations.

Also check out all our Virtual PST solutions.

  • Resumen de productos
      Indicated for…  

    Face-to-face sales

    Smart POS terminal, Dataphone POS terminal, Mobile POS terminal, PC POS terminal, DONE Family, Unattended Terminals, Events POS terminal

    Retailing, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, hotels, supermarkets…

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    Much more than a POS terminal¹

    Fully adapted to your business, convenient and easy to use, and with the support you deserve.

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    Smart Phone & Sell POS

    Virtual PST, Virtual PST

    For Public Bodies and Telephone Sales aimed at businesses that have a website, businesses that want to handle tax/rate payments via the Internet and businesses that want to make sales over the telephone.

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    IVR Call Centre POS

    Suitable for call centres, collection, booking agencies and telemarketing.

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    Virtual PoS

    It offers an advanced set of technical and operating services.

    It is the payment gateway for companies with a high sales volume via the Internet, in addition to ongoing support by agents specialised in eCommerce payments.

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