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Telephone or email sale (Phone&Sell)

Remote sales solutions by telephone or email to grow your business. Discover them.

Which PoS for you?
  • Email or SMS: Your customer receives the payment details for completing the purchase via email or SMS.
  • Card: Your business enters the customer’s card number which it previously requested to make the purchase.
  • Integrated: The PoS software is integrated with your business’s call centre applications.

Plus the advantage of choosing the form of payment that best suits you:

Percentage for each operation processed.
Flat rate: pay the same instalment each month.
Fixed amount per operation.
Exchange rate plus a differential: for large businesses, we adjust the rate in accordance with the amount we pay the issuing bank.
Banco Sabadell PoS Services
Icono euros Payment in foreign currency (DCC). This enables operations in the original currency the card was issued in. Standard transfer of 0.50 % of a purchase in foreign currency.
Icono certificación PCI PCI certification. Online tool to capture card numbers to comply with the PCI security program.
Icono TPV Multi-language and Multi-currency. Payment in 185 local currencies and multi-language PoS.
Icono fraccionamiento compras Split payment of purchases. For customers paying with Banco Sabadell credit cards.
Icono tarjetas It accepts all types of cards.
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