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Personal Pension Plans

Every day counts for planning the retirement you want.

Personal Pension Plans
Lower potential return
Less risk
  Higher potential return
Higher risk
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
This information indicates the risk of the plan and is calculated using historical data which, however, may not constitute a reliable indication of the plan’s future risk profile. There is no guarantee that the indicated category will remain unchanged and it may change over time.

You can see the indicator corresponding to each Plan here.
Indicadores riesgo You may only collect the benefit or exercise the right of redemption if any of the contingencies or exceptional cases of liquidity regulated in the regulations of pension plans and funds occur.
Indicadores riesgoThe value of transfer rights, benefits and exceptional liquidity cases depends on the market value of the pension fund's assets and it may involve significant losses.
Planes de pensiones Individuales
For those who want to achieve long-term profitability.
Excellent tax advantages.
Wide range of products. We help you choose the one that suits you best.
You decide how much and when to make the contributions.

What are they?

Individual pension plans are a long-term product that facilitate investment to plan your retirement in order to achieve the standard of living you want.

Don’t you have a pension plan? See what you can get!

Examples of accumulated capital and savings obtained from Adriana and Carlos1


She took out a 35-year pension plan

Total annual contribution:
€ 1,500
Capital accumulated at retirement:
€ 67,057
Maximum tax savings during the first year:
€ 468

He took out a 50-year pension plan

Total annual contribution:
€ 1,500
Capital accumulated at retirement:
€ 30,342
Maximum tax savings during the first year:
€ 468
As you can see, the sooner you start saving, the easier it will be for you to accumulate savings for your retirement.

Get the most out of a pension plan

Don't forget your plan! Allocate a part of your monthly income to periodic contributions to gradually increase your savings.

How much to contribute? Establish a rule for your recurring contributions. For example, contribute 10% of your monthly income to your pension plan. You will save without making great efforts.

It is better to make regular monthly contributions than large extraordinary contributions. The sooner you start saving on a regular basis, the sooner you will create a saving routine and the less effort it will take to accumulate extra capital for your retirement.

And the most important: make the most of the tax benefits on your income tax return. For example, if during a year you contribute € 1,500 to your plan, you can save up to € 705 on your income tax return.
Choose the product that best suits your profile

Short-term fixed income

Long-term fixed income

Mixed fixed income

Mixed variable income

Variable income

Pension Plans Management Entity BanSabadell Pensiones, EGFP, SA, Tax ID A58581331 and registered address at calle Isabel Colbrand, 22, 28050 Madrid. Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Madrid and in the Registrar of Insurance Entities of the DGSyFP with code number G-0085. Depositary entity: BNP Paribas, S.A., sucursal en España, with Tax ID No. W-0011117-I and its registered offices at Calle Emilio Vargas, 4, Madrid. Registered in the special register of pension fund depositary entities maintained by the DGSyFP under code no. D-0197. Depository entity and marketer of pension plans: Banco de Sabadell, S.A., with Tax ID No. A-08000143 and its registered offices at Avda. Óscar Esplá, 37, 03007 Alicante. Registered in the M.R. of Alicante and in the General Directorate of Insurance and Pensions (DGSyFP) under code no. D-0016.

The document with the basic data for the participant is available to the public at the Banco Sabadell branches, as well as on the bank's website (www.bancosabadell.com/pensiones).

In all these pension plans there is the possibility of suffering investment losses due to fluctuations in their price or in the components that determine their market product. Request more information at your branch.
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