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Personal guidance

Being the owner of your new home can start here and now.

If you’re thinking of buying a new home, you are sure to have many questions.That’s normal.And that’s why we have prepared this space for you to find all the answers.

Because at Banco Sabadell, as well as offering you customised financing, we also offer personal guidance.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

A 30-year nominal fixed-rate

If you prefer a mortgage with a variable interest rate, we can also offer you our Discount Mortgage.

With the Solvia Fixed-Rate Mortgage you can enjoy exclusive conditions to acquire dwellings included in the Solvia property offer. And if you prefer a mortgage with a variable interest rate, visit any of our branches.

Buying a home in Andalusia

If you are interested in a formalising or executing an operation to purchase a home in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia you can download all the information about the Fixed Mortgage or Discount Mortgage or visit any of our branches in this community.

More information

More information

Shareholder Account

An exclusive account for shareholders, without fees, which will enable you to reinvest dividends received, in shares of the same Bank. Without paying any commission.

More information