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Shall we start a new home? Choose the mortgage that suits you best


Compare our mortgages

Would you like to see the difference between a fixed-rate and a variable-rate mortgage? Or a discounted mortgage and a non-discounted mortgage? Here is a simulation with an application for a mortgage of €150,000 over 30 years.

Fixed-rate mortgage
Variable-rate mortgage
Loan amount:
Maximum 30 years (360 instalments)
Interest rate
1.99% NIR
3.15% APR
2.99% NIR
3.64% APR
0,99 % NIR 1st year (Euribor +0.80% rest of years)
2.20% variable APR
1.99% NIR 1st year (Euribor +1.80% rest of years)
2.65% variable APR
Monthly instalment
Instalment 1st year
€481.77 / month

Instalment rest of years
€481.77 / month**

**Calculated with the first year's NIR**
Instalment 1st year
€553.68 / month

Instalment rest of years
€553.68 / month**

Arrangement fee
Solicitor, registry and notary fees (derived from the deed)
Total cost of the mortgage
Salary or pension deposited in the account
Life Protection Insurance
Home Protection Insurance
Payment Protection Insurance
Calculate your mortgage repayment

Find out what your approximate monthly repayment would be and which mortgage is best suited to you.

Calculate mortgage

Your mortgage, step by step

Before we start...

  • It is time to crunch the numbers. Remember that your monthly mortgage payment cannot exceed 40% of your total income (or that of your household).
  • Bear in mind that you will also have to pay other costs such as the down payment or the valuation of the property.

We'll make it easy

  • First, we will conduct a personalised simulation so that you know what your monthly payment would be.
  • Once you know which mortgage is best suited to you, it's time to prepare the necessary documentation for the application.

Once approved...

  • The big day will come when the contract will be signed and the deed will be notarised.
  • Remember that the title deeds and the purchase contract are registered in the Property Registry so you can always have the original title deeds of your home.

Why trust Banco Sabadell with your mortgage?

We are by your side

Our team of experts will be by your side from start to finish to make everything easier.

Designed just for you

With a 100% personalised price and a service suited to your needs.


More than 14,000 clients have trusted us to make their new home a reality over the last year.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is normal to have queries when you are considering taking out a mortgage. Here are some of the most common questions you may have.

How much can my mortgage cover?


The mortgage may cover up to 80% of the purchase price or the valuation (whichever is the lower) for a first home. Up to 70% for second homes.

How much should my monthly mortgage expense be?


What are the discounts and how can they benefit me?


What documentation do I need to submit to apply for my mortgage?


Glossary: NIR, APR and other mortgage-related concepts


Valuation of the property


Registry verification


FIPRE (pre-contractual information sheet)


What do I need to know if I want to buy a property in Andalusia?


SEPA charges and payments


Do you want to know more about our fixed-rate and variable-rate mortgages?

View fixed-rate mortgage View variable-rate mortgage



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Taking out a loan enables you to achieve your goals without having to touch your savings to make your dreams come true.
check Getting what you want.
With a personal loan, your plans don’t have to wait, as you receive the money all at once. You can also plan to return it in regular instalments.
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