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Leasing calculator

A financing with many tax advantages

Sabadell Leasing

Financing with many tax benefits

Leasing is a financial operation that companies and professional can use to acquire fixed assets. Using the financial leasing formula, customers choose the asset and preferred supplier. Banco Sabadell acquires the asset and cedes its use to the customer for a determined time in return for regular payment instalments, with an option to buy that can be exercised at the end of the rental period.

Who is leasing designed for?

For all companies, professionals, commercial establishments and employers that run a professional, commercial, industrial or services-based business.


  • You can finance up to 100% of the operation’s value.
  • The interest rate can be fixed or variable.
  • Both amortisation payments of the capital and the financial charge for the leasing instalments are considered as tax-deductible expenses for companies subject to Corporate Tax and for the self-employed subject to IRPF in the direct estimate regime. For them, financing their investments via leasing means they can tax deduct the investment made in approximately half the time that they would use in linear amortisation of the investment.
  • The minimum terms for financing are 2 years for machinery and vehicles and 10 years for real estate property.
  • Useable both for national and imported goods and for real estate, both for properties already built and those yet to be built.