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Investment funds

Investment funds

Why trust in us to open an investment fund?

  • By our team of professionals. They analyse the markets and the economic situation to spot the best opportunities.
  • Over 30 years’ experience managing funds.
  • We have the fund for you. A wide variety of funds in accordance with the risk you are prepared to assume and the duration of the investment.

Amundi Funds Protect 90

The fund for investors seeking a good return without putting all capital at risk.

check With daily protection of 90% of the highest settlement value recorded since 5 June 2020.
check Adjusts investments at all times to increase the probability of profitability.

I want a fund to …


Invest as
from €30

  • InverSabadell 25, FI
  • InverSabadell 50, FI
  • InverSabadell 70, FI

Invest according to
my investor profile

  • Sabadell Prudente
  • Sabadell Equilibrado
  • Sabadell Dinámico


  • Sabadell Inversión Ética y Solidaria, FI
  • Sabadell Acumula Sostenible, FI
  • Sabadell Crece Sostenible, FI

Before opening a fund, ask yourself these questions:

1. Do you want to benefit from your savings?
If your answer is yes, investment funds are of interest to you, although they may entail losses. If you simply want to leave your savings in a deposit for safety, perhaps you need a savings account or a deposit, for example.
2. How long do you want to leave your money in an investment fund?
To increase the probability of gaining benefits, each fund needs a minimum investment time, what we call the “minimum recommended time horizon ". Our funds have full and immediate liquidity, so you can withdraw your money whenever you like; however, bear in mind that by withdrawing money before the recommended term may increase risk of capital loss.
3. What risk are you prepared to assume?
Every fund has its risk, which is measured on a scale from 1 to 7, where 1 are the funds with the least risk and 7 those with the highest. It is important to take into consideration that category 1 does not means the fund is risk-free.
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If the evolution of the markets you invest in is not as expected, the fund may suffer losses. This is why you must carefully analyse the risk of each fund and decide to what extent you accept that your investment may be worth less at the time of repayment than initially.

invest on your own account

If you want to invest on your own account

Discover our range of funds. Fixed Income, mixed, equities: choose yours.
BS Fondos Gran Selección

If you want to delegate your investment

Over 17,000 customers placed their trust in our discretionary portfolio management service in 2018. Its over 30 years’ experience and entrusting the management and decision-making are the reasons to choose BS Fondos Gran Selección.

Do you have a fund? Contribute.

Do so via our app or website, easily and simply from the sofa while on the train.

If you make contributions …:

You will gradually accumulate more capital on your investment without any great effort.
You will reduce the probability of losses by making contributions at different times and not be so exposed to an adverse market situation.
Speak with an agent
If you have chosen us and want to transfer your fund to another entity, make an appointment with your agent.

More advantages of our funds

Our management company, a leader in investment

Sabadell Asset Management was earned 8 awards and has been distinguished on numerous occasions for its profitability. Find out more.
Investing in funds means obtaining tax benefits

Find out about the tax advantages of having an investment fund. For example, transferring funds is exempt from taxation.
  • Investment fund: investment funds are Collective Investment Undertakings comprising the contributions of a group of persons called unit-holders. The individual result obtained by each unit-holder is a consequence of the performance obtained by the group of investors.

  • Unit-holder is the person who invests in an investment fund.

  • Liquidation value: is the price of each investment at a given moment. It is calculated by dividing the assets of each fund among the number of unit-holders.

  • Return: an investment fund may have a positive or negative return, in accordance with the evolution of the assets in the fund portfolio. It is determined taking into account the initial liquidation value (that is, the money investment at the start) and the final liquidation value (the money just before redemption, either positive or negative).

  • Redemption: is to extract the money invested when the fund has passed its time horizon or when the investor wishes to. Should the fund have suffered losses during the investment time, the investor will not recover the money invested initially. If, on the other hand, the fund has obtained a profit, the investor will recover the money invested plus the profit.

  • Transfer: is the redemption of an investment fund and immediate subscription of another, maintaining the seniority of the initial investment for tax purposes.

  • Time Horizon is the minimum recommended time you must have the money invested in a fund to increase the probabilities of obtaining a return.