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Investment Funds in dollars and pounds

With Banco Sabadell funds in dollars or pounds you can obtain a return without having to change currency

Investment Funds in dollars and pounds

We offer funds in dollars and pounds, two trusted foreign currencies which, by investing in other funds, offer an investment solution with built-in active asset allocation to generate capital growth in the long term:

  • Fund in US dollars - Sabadell Funds SICAV - Dollar Portfolio.(1)
  • Fund in pounds sterling- Sabadell Funds SICAV - Sterling Portfolio.(1)
1. Compartments of Sabadell BS Funds SICAV.

You can read the prospectus, the document with the basic details for the investor and the periodic reports which are available to the public at the distribution offices, at bsinversion.com and the register of the CNMV.

  • Features
    Funds in foreign currency have global, dynamic asset allocation to ensure a strong capacity for adaptation.
    They are actively and flexibly managed, both in equities and fixed income.
    They are highly diversified funds as regards managers, strategies and portfolio assets.
    • The most consistent funds are identified for each type of asset.
    • The selection of the portfolio funds is carried out by means of qualitative analysis.
    • The exposure to equities is actively managed and does not exceed 50% of the net assets.
    • You can see the status of your investment via BS Online. And a fact sheet with the chief ratios and positions is published on a monthly basis.(2)
    • You can surrender your investment in full or in part whenever you want, without any type of penalti.(3)
    2 Public information available at bsinversion.com>Europa Invest>products and services>Sabadell Funds.
    3. investment losses may be experienced due to market fluctuations. Weekly liquidation value .

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    Investment Funds in dollars and pounds
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  • Taxation
    Y Return on investment funds:
    • It is considered capital gains and calculated as the difference between the surrender value and subscription cost. It is assumed that the units sold are the first to be acquired (FIFO method.
    • Only taxed at the time of surrender. Transfers of the balance to another fund are not taxable, except in the case of non-resident investors.

    The tax treatment depends on where the investor has their tax residence:

    Non-residents in Spain (IRNR)

    The tax withholding will depend on the country of residence:
    • Citizens resident in a member state of the European Union or a country that has signed a double taxation convention with Spain with a clause on information exchange: This return is exempt from tax in Spain if residence is certified.
    • Residents in countries which have not signed a double taxation agreement with Spain or do not submit a tax residence certificate will be subject to 19,5% tax withholding.
    Residents in Spain (IRPF)
    • The return obtained from the surrender is considered capital gains and is subject to withholding on account at 20%. For personal income tax purposes, it is included in the savings tax base. The first 6,000 euros are taxed at 19,5%, up to 50,000 euros at 21,5% and as from 50,000 euros at 23,5%.

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