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Invest my savings

Once we have your capital to invest, we must decide on the objective for the capital, which could be:

  • receiving a periodical income, or
  • using up the capital during a certain period of time,
  • making the capital grow but without taking on any oscillation,
  • investing the capital and delegating management to an expert and professional team
  • ...

We can offer you the right solution.


You would like to receive a periodical income for a certain term

Fixed interest deposits

Total flexibility to decide the term during which you wish to receive a periodical income as well as to decide the periodicity of payment of the same.

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You would like to obtain a monthly income with tax benefits, and keep the total or partial capital for your heirs.

BS  Lifetime Income

As well as enjoying a higher monthly income due to the tax benefits that are incorporated in the lifetime income, you will secure the capital that you wish to pass on to your heirs.

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You would like to consume an amount of capital within a certain time

BS  Temporary Income

You will be able to enjoy your capital together with the yield and this way guarantee a fixed and certain income within an established time.

You would like to increase your capital, but always having the capital and the yield you will obtain guaranteed.

Fixed term deposits
BS  Growth Plan

Both products will permit you to increase your capital with a guaranteed and previously established yield for the period of time you wish.

Further information on the fixed term
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You would like to increase your capital, having your capital guaranteed at all times and a yield with reference to a stock market index, the evolution of a basket of shares…

Reference deposits
Guaranteed funds
BS  Multiportfolio

Keeping your capital guaranteed you will enjoy the prospect of high revalorization following the evolution of a specific Stock Market index, a group of shares, etc. Consult the current issues at all times.

Further information on indexed deposits
Further information onguaranteed funds offered
More information on the multiportfolio of saving-investment

You wish to increase your capital, looking at all times to maximize the yield even in exchange for fluctuations at certain times ...

Investment Funds
BS  Management of Funds Portfolio
BS  Multinvestment

You will be able to choose between a large range of investment options, with professional and specialized management, which will permit you to access all financial markets. Taking your own investment decisions or delegating them with a specific aim and management.

More information on the investment funds offered
Further information on investment fund portfolio management
More information on the multinvestment UL of saving-investment