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Instant Money

Sending money to a mobile phone.

Instant Money is a new service which enables you to send money to any mobile phone via an SMS message. The code included in the message is used to collect the money, without any card and at any of our ATMs.

This cost-free service is very useful for emergency situations in which we are a relative or friend have no money or card. Just with access to Sabadell Mobile, from a mobile phone you can issue Instant Money and collect cash at the bank’s ATM.


How it can help you

We’ve all experienced a time in our life when we could not access our money. Your wallet is stolen or you have forgotten your card or it is spoilt and not accepted by shops or ATMs. For these cases you need: Instant Money.
Ask someone you trust to send Instant Money or help a relative or friend in difficulty. You can do this from the Sabadell Mobile application of your tablet or telephone.

Service conditions

This is a service that allows you to send money. The code included in the message can collect the money within the next 24 hours and conditioned on the validity of the card and limits available at the time of withdrawal. Make sure the phone is correct recipient of the money before giving their consent to the operation because the order amounts to a delivery of cash.


Sabadell Mobile has been customised to the characteristics of the chief models of terminals on the market. Select your terminal and see the various ways of activating this service:

1.- Sabadell Mobile download from the applications store:

Apple Play BlackBerry Windows Phone

2.- Download Sabadell Mobile to our smartphone now, by capturing the QR code:
Capture the code to download
the application to your mobile
Código Bidi

3.- If you prefer, enter your mobile phone number and we will send you the shortcut to the application: